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Do you still need clarification about whether or not you should go for the orthodontics treatment? You must know about orthodontics treatment if you’re ready to wear a straight, beautiful smile. It doesn’t matter whether you call it braces, straightening, or orthodontics, all of these terms refer to the same treatment. Despite what you may think, braces are quite fascinating. Therefore, we wanted to highlight some of the most interesting and fun facts about braces!

This article will provide facts about braces so you can make an informed decision.

Do you know about the word “Orthodontics” origin

“Orthodontics” comes from the Greek language. “Ortho” means correctly aligned, while “dont” means tooth (not the term “don’t”). When these two terms are combined, “orthodontics” means “straight teeth.

NASA created the first braces wire 

Brace wiring often contains nickel titanium. However, have you ever heard that NASA designed this metal for space travel? After that, this metal is used in orthodontics treatment. Body heat activates these fine, supple, flexible wires and allows them to retain their shape even after being bent around the teeth.

Thanks to NASA, we now have modern braces.

Are teeth straightening a new idea?

Straightening your teeth is not an everyday thing. Crooked teeth were present even in the time of Neanderthal man. Archeologists discovered that even Egyptian mummies whose teeth were wrapped with crude metal bands. In ancient Roman times, precious metals were also used to straighten teeth. 

It is believed that around 400 BCE, Hippocrates discussed “irregularities” of the teeth. Aristotle also considered methods for straightening teeth. Pierre Fauchard invented the first braces in 1728. He is also known as the Father of Dentistry. He developed a thin thread tied to a flat horseshoe-shaped metal material.

Is every orthodontist a dentist?

All orthodontists are dentists, but only some of them dentists are orthodontists. They receive the same four-year education as dentists. Orthodontists undergo an additional two to three years of training at an orthodontic residency.

The specialty of an orthodontist is to prevent and treat irregularities of the teeth, like improper bites and spacing problems.

Why are retainers as important as braces?

The experts recommend using retainers after the braces. The success of your teeth straightening depends on your dedication to wearing retainers. Most patients complained their teeth were not straight, even struggling for a year with braces. The fact behind it is that they fail to wear retainers. 

Consequently, their teeth shift back into their original misaligned positions. 

Take away: Use your retainer to keep your smile straight for life!

Are braces myths true?

Do you believe all rumors about braces or retainers? The common myth is that braces are magnetic. Certain metal detectors can detect it, or even radio signals interfere with them. 

You can safely and effectively wear your braces wherever you want. Even you can play your favorite game without any fear.

Do braces only for kids?

You want to straighten your smile, but Aae you worried about your age? Braces are not only for the kid. According to a study, one in five patients is between 50 and 60. So if you are thinking of straightening your smile, you can consult your nearby Braces Orthodontist Dental Clinic. 

The Benefits of Orthodontics Go Beyond Cosmetics

Do you think that braces are used only to straighten your smile? Yes, it’s true, but it is only one benefit of wearing braces. There are also hidden advantages you might never know. Straight teeth improve your personality and change your eating and speaking style. Moreover, it also reduces the chances of jaw pain, improves breathing, and reduces headaches. 

Seeking Orthodontics?

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Orthodontics is filled with fun facts, as seen from the list above. This article will help you to explore fascinating facts about braces. You can now get a straight, beautiful smile more easily.


What are the qualities of a good orthodontist?

Ability to communicate effectively.

Compassionate and kind nature that eases nervous patients’ minds.

Detail-oriented and patient.

Expert in using innovative technology and dentistry tools.

Do I need to book a good orthodontist?

It is mandatory to look for a professional orthodontist. 

Professional orthodontists will explain the treatment process and payment options while listening to patient concerns.

Is it okay to eat pizza with braces?

Yes, of course! If you avoid tough, hard crusts and sticky or stringy toppings and eat in small bites, you can eat without any problem. However, cleaning your teeth after enjoying the pizza party is advisable.

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