How to Live the Van Life

Imagine this. You wake up to the sound of birds chirping in the still silence. You look out your bedroom window you’re surrounded by breathtaking nature. As you look further, you admire the snowcapped mountains in the distance and a sparkling lake at your feet.

Well, does this sound like a slice of heaven?

If so, the van life is life for you.

The van life is the modern-day American Dream. However, it does require planning and research before you set off.

Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about living in a van. So keep reading to find out what you need to do to make your dream come true!

The Benefits of Van Life

Since 1 million Americans live in an RV or a van, there must be plenty of benefits. Otherwise, the trend wouldn’t continue to grow year after year.

Of course, there are plenty, and you can find them below.

  • Every day feels like a vacation
  • Go where you want, when you want
  • No bills or mortgage, so you can save money
  • You will meet more like-minded people
  • Live a more simple and eco-friendly lifestyle
  • You can focus on passions such as hiking or writing

The Struggles of the Nomad Lifestyle

When you search the #vanlife on social media, you’ll see stunning photos of people living the dream. You’ll instantly want to pack your bags and hit the road. However, social media doesn’t always show the entire picture.

There are some struggles and drawbacks along the way. So check below to see if you can deal with these few challenges.

  • You have very little space for belongings
  • Water is not as easy to come by
  • Van life can be uncomfortable at times
  • It’s not easy to find showers
  • Trying to find a safe spot to stay for the night

Tips for Living in a Van

The contrast is night and day between living in a house and a van. Simple everyday items such as running water or going to the toilet can be an issue. And if you’re a first-timer, there will be things that never even crossed your mind.

Parking Your Camper at Night

Safety should always be your number one concern at home, and it’s no different in a van. If you’re not careful, your dream of beating the rat race will quickly turn into a nightmare. 

Wherever you decide to stay, make sure there are amenities nearby. And note other shops, restrooms, or mechanics in the area.

You should check these locations to stay safe on your travels.

Choose Your Van Wisely

It might be tempting to pick up the cheapest or best deal on a van you can find. However, that is the last thing you should do, as your van will determine how bearable your life is on the road.

If you plan to do some off-roading, a large and heavy RV is the last thing you need. Or, if you wish to visit national parks, note that there’s a height restriction for most park entries. 

Think of your lifestyle and activities and find a van that best suits your needs.

Take a Test Drive

If you’ve got some free time in the future, take the time to test out the van life dream. Not only will it help determine if it’s something you’ll enjoy, but it will also help you decide what you need in your van.

One of the biggest dilemmas for a van is deciding whether to have a bathroom. They take up lots of valuable space, but they can be worth it. If you can’t stand one week without a toilet on your test run, you know you won’t be able to live without one.

You’ll also pick up smaller factors, such as if you need a taller roof or what appliances you need in your life. 

Start Living the Van Life

Van life is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All your friends and family will be jealous of your new and exciting lifestyle!

It is a golden opportunity to make the most out of your lifetime. 

The possibilities are endless as to where you can travel. But if you want some in-depth travel inspiration, keep reading our blog for free!

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