6 Tips for foreigners to buy properties in Dubai

This will give you a basic summary to understand and move on to invest in Dubai. These are things that are a must-do for everyone interested in investing in this city. So here we go and find out what’s the best tips to safely invest in Dubai.

  1. Your agent should be RERA Certified

If you are dealing with a real estate agent then you must check if he is RERA certified. they will have a BRN number. In Dubai, all real estate brokers must go through a course and examination just to make sure that these agents are held to standards. This is a pretty smart strategy and this proves that Dubai is far ahead in the Middle East. Such policies make investors trust the market more and make them buy property in Dubai. To check if they are certified, go to the REST App and search for their name and it will show you if they are certified or not.

  • Look for registered projects

If you are planning to work with some particular developers, you should be made sure they are registered. To check this go to the Dubai land website and check for the project you want to invest in. This website will tell you all the details about the projects.

  • Having an escrow account is essential

 Any money given to the developers should be through your escrow account. This will be a third-party account that is bit being controlled by the developers. This will help you save money.

  • Know the actual location of the property

 Sometimes agents will tell you that your property is located in the such and such area but is far away from that location. Many times agents will tell you your property is located where you will get a Burj Khalifa view but actually, it’s not the case. So making sure of your property location before buying is the smart move.

  • Views of the projects

Prestigious developers would not want to fool you but they can be some agents that are not developers who will try this with you. They can tell you the view is such and such but actually, it is not. It’s the need for time to check the views of the projects.

  • Hiring the inspection company

If you are buying a property that is a resale be sure to hire an inspection company that will check all the details of the house behind the doors, checking the electrical wiring of the house to make sure everything is ok in the building.

In the last, we would suggest if you want to lessen the hassle you can buy property in Sobha Forest Villas. Investors will get a property that is located at the best location and is high quality. Houses are available in an affordable range too. Check out their website and know all the details shown on their website. It can save you time and energy.

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