How Shady Crypto Gambling Sites Can Hurt You

How Shady Crypto Gambling Sites Can Hurt You

Crypto gambling sites have become so popular these days, that you can easily see them whenever you search for online casinos. They pay well, pay fast, offer wider withdrawal limits, and so many more benefits. These reasons have made many bettors select the first crypto gambling sites they see and start playing, and this is bad.

Although crypto gambling sites have been touted to have great security, they’re not all good sites. Some crypto gambling platforms are run by shady individuals who are just out to ruin your gaming experience. There are many ways in which shady crypto gambling sites can hurt you, and we’ll be discussing them below.

7 Ways In Which Shady Crypto Gambling Sites Can Hurt You

Besides ruining your gaming experience, shady crypto gambling sites come with many other risks, and some of them are discussed below:

Identity Theft

Have you heard about the case of Nicole McCabe, who was framed for a Hamas assassination? What about Philip Cummings, who stole credit card reports from his software company, and sold them for up to $100 million? These are all cases of identity fraud, where the individuals in question had their personal information stolen.

In some cases, the stolen identity is used to commit a crime. In others, it’s used to empty the owner’s accounts. Either way, identity theft is a serious thing in today’s world, and everyone guards against it.

However, you’re exposing yourself to identity theft when you bet on a shady Bitcoin gambling site. These sites can steal your personal information and sell it to the highest bidder. They could sell your information to terrorists who would use it to commit crimes that you’ll be charged for.

Dishonest Bonuses

The reason that many punters choose an online staking site is because of their bonuses. Bitcoin gambling sites are known to offer better bonuses than traditional casinos. So, many punters prefer them for their gaming activities. 

However, shady Bitcoin gambling sites are never fair with their bonuses, as they’re just there to trick you. These sites will offer tempting bonuses that require you to pay certain sums of money to redeem them. 

When you pay the cash, however, you’ll later discover that the terms of the bonuses are unreal. The terms will be set in such a way that you’ll never complete the conditions required to enjoy that bonus. So, you lose money, and the shady Bitcoin gambling site wins in the end.

Unreliable Customer Care

It’s nothing new to run into issues when playing at an online casino. In such cases, you just need to contact the casino’s customer representatives, and it’ll be resolved.

While many traditional betting platforms are known for their unreliable customer service, Bitcoin gambling sites are different. Bitcoin gambling sites have the best interests of their customers at heart, so they always respond speedily to all issues.

However, when you play at shady Bitcoin gambling sites, you won’t enjoy reliable customer support. These sites might have numerous customer support channels, but they’ll be simply non-functional. 

Theft of Funds

One of the biggest fears of most online bettors is having their funds stolen by a wagering platform. Since you deposit cash into the casino to play a game, it’s easy for site owners to simply take it. Of course, honest online casinos won’t do this, but things are different for shady sites.

Shady Bitcoin gambling sites have no scruples about stealing the funds that you deposit into the casino. This could come in the form of taking little cuts when you place wagers on different games or brazenly emptying your account. Regardless of how the theft comes about, you leave your funds at their mercy when you register at such sites.

Exposing Your Device to Viruses

It’s common knowledge that the source of most viruses on a phone or computer is the internet. When you visit bad websites on the internet, these viruses are downloaded over the internet connection onto your device. 

Either way, a virus can slow down your computer, delete your files, or send your files to anonymous individuals. Sometimes, they can exist as spyware that records the keystrokes for your social media account password. It can also record the keystrokes for your credit card password or access other personal information.

Visiting a shady Bitcoin gambling site exposes your computer or mobile device to these viruses. In some cases, bettors that visit shady Bitcoin gambling sites get locked out of their devices due to a ransomware attack.

While an antivirus on your computer can protect you, this software can sometimes fail. These failures are possible in cases where you unknowingly download and install these viruses onto your computer.

Phishing Emails

Have you ever had your bank call to ask for sensitive information so that they can unlock your locked account? Or have you gotten an email or some message asking for personal information in a dishonest manner? If you have, then you’ll know that these scams are nothing new and have become commonplace in the digital age.

Many people have fallen victim to these scams, leading them to give out sensitive information to scammers. Nonetheless, have you ever wondered how these scammers obtain your email or your phone numbers? Well, they usually get this information from the various shady sites that you’ve visited in the past.

So, if you register with a shady crypto gambling site, you’re leaving your personal information in the hands of potential scammers. This would also leave you a potential victim of a phishing attack. 

Exposing your Private Key

Private keys are very sensitive information for anyone that owns a cryptocurrency wallet. This information is so sensitive that many wallets make it customer-eyes-only information. Private keys are the passwords that allow an individual to access funds in their wallet.

Playing on a shady crypto gambling site can cause you to leave your private keys at the mercy of scammers. That’s because some of these shady platforms log your keystrokes when you access your wallet. When they get this information, they can clean out all the funds in your wallet.


Regardless of how big the bait is, visiting a shady crypto gambling site is never worth it. If you aren’t sure that a crypto gambling site is trustworthy, you’d best avoid it. The damage that can occur when you visit a shady site is innumerable.

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