Bathroom Remodeling Check List


Bathroom remodeling is the best way to increase your home’s resale value after kitchen remodeling. Whether a small or primary bathroom, both can fetch a higher price when selling your home if you do it right. Even if you don’t plan to market shortly, remodeling your bathroom can make your family’s life more comfortable and enjoyable.

The bathroom remodeling checklist isn’t mandatory, but it’s close. Before you start your project, this bathroom remodeling checklist will help you organize your ideas in one place. It helps to estimate the time, cost and effort involved. As you work, checklists help you move smoothly from one task to the next.

Your contractor may or may not use a bathroom remodeling checklist. However, if you have one, you can ask them to use it. This keeps costs low to fit your budget. This will be your game plan. You can also return to the bathroom faster.

The bathroom remodeling checklist we provide here may differ from others, but it can be adapted to your needs. In practice, you may need two lists. Make a list of your basic needs and a secondary list of the options you need to remodel your bathroom, if possible.

Bathroom Checklist

  1. Design: Before remodeling your bathroom, design the final room. There is much useful digital design software that you can use to create your own. Maybe you like trendy music design or vintage design. If you hire a professional designer, work with him on this step before proceeding, looking at samples and photos of tiles, paint, fixtures, and other materials.
  2. Permissions: Once the design is complete, you will know what you plan to do with your bathroom makeover. A permit must be obtained from the city or county. If you use the services of a contractor, make sure you have all licenses in place before starting work.
  3. Walls: Does your bathroom remodel include moving or painting the walls? If you are moving walls, this may be the first step. You can add new windows or transfer doors to your bathroom renovation. Please plan carefully.
  4. Flooring: Most bathroom remodeling projects involve some floor work. Moving the bathtub, toilet, shower, or sink will require plumbing changes. A new hole was made in the floor. A new sub-floor may be required. This move is likely to follow the movement of the walls.
  5. Plumbing: This part of the bathroom requires a qualified professional. If you do not have a plumber’s license, make an appointment for a plumber on time.
  6. Electricity: Many bathroom models involve replacing light fixtures. Changing the lamp is easy. Lighting cannot be added to new parts of the bathroom. As mentioned above, if you are not a qualified professional, hire an electrician for this part of your bathroom.
  7. Decorate: When the walls and floor are finished. With the plumbing and electrical installed or rewired and the fixtures and other parts of your bathroom remodeling project coming to an end, it’s time to decorate the pieces. Leave time to do it right.

A Bathroom Remodeling Services in San Jose, CA checklist can be obtained from your contractor. Some contractors post detailed listings online. The key is to take the time to plan your bathroom remodeling project from start to finish carefully. Get a quote from your contractor, or get a quote from one or more contractors. Be sure to write everything down, including cost and time estimates. In this way, remodeling a bathroom will be as painless as possible.

Your home can benefit from a whole new bathroom. Adding a bathroom to a home is a big project, so a remodeling contractor best does this job. The contractor creates blueprints for the new bathroom based on the client’s requirements. Once the drawings are complete, the contractor will obtain a building permit and complete the project. A good contractor will follow up on every project, addition, change, and final inspection.

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