3 website necessities you shouldn’t break the bank on

website necessities

Creating a website can seem like a significant investment in time and money. When you think about everything a website needs, it can be overwhelming, especially as the potential costs add up. Not to worry, there are plenty of ways to create a website on a budget. Here are three things you can afford to go cheap on and still have a quality site.

1. An SSL certificate

There are many low-priced SSL stores out there, such as the SSL certificate cost by Namecheap. But SSL certificates can come in starkly varying price points, so it can be hard to determine SSL quality based on price alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to base it on anything like that because all SSLs on the market are basically the same, no matter their cost. They all come with 256-bit encryption potential as standard. The big difference in SSL vendors is the quality of customer service, so be sure to read reviews before you decide where to buy yours. Also double-check whether the issuing Certificate Authority is considered trustworthy. 

2. Use a cheap CMS

There are many ways to build a website. There are many free website builders out there, but the problem with many is that they’ll have the website branding on your site. Using a content management system (CMS) might come with a little more work, like buying hosting and a domain name, but it’s worth it for the level of control you’ll have over your site. WordPress, one of the most popular website management systems, is actually free to use. You might have to pay extra for some features, but there are many high-quality free themes you can use to make your site sleek and functional. Just make sure to read the reviews and research the developer beforehand to make sure it’s legit.

3. Use free plugins

If you do decide to use a CMS like WordPress, one of the biggest bonuses is the wealth of free plugins available to add different functionalities to your site quickly and easily. Everything from security features to adding forms to your site, you’re sure to find the plugin you need to make your site great. But much like the themes in the last point, make sure to read reviews and research the developer before downloading. Also, make sure it’s been updated during the previous six months because if it hasn’t, it means it hasn’t had any necessary security updates for a while. 


There are so many easy and affordable options for creating a sleek and safe site. Create yours today by following the tips in this article.

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