What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat? Usage & Slang Meaning

Do you know why social media slang is hard? No dictionary looks up its abbreviations. Social media users often use slang on these platforms. Speaking a new language online is not only fast but also fun.

This term was created by social media users themselves and new users are often confused by this acronym. To help them, we introduce you to the popular Snapchat slang app KMS.

Disclaimer: This article covers sensitive topics such as suicide and self-harm. The website owner has no intention of endorsing or distributing such comments. This is for informational purposes only and we do not condone such behavior.

Different definitions of QMS

KMS is widely used in different contexts and has different meanings.

Definition of KMS on Snapchat.

Of course, Snapchat’s KMS isn’t miles away. This is very strange. KMS stands for “Kill Me” on Snapchat. In Snapchat, you can use it as a melodramatic expression to express your anger to your loved ones, friends or family. More seriously, it may express feelings of self-harm or anxiety, sadness or disgust.

The main concept of KMS is to increase emotions. KMS is not self-explanatory; Rather, it means exaggerating or overreacting to any negative event. In other words, it is a way of showing that something is not sad or bad. If used honestly, it is dangerous and should be taken seriously. Teens often use social media to express anger or unhappiness with social media posts.


Although Discord is a social network, it differs from services like Instagram and Snapchat. Discord has several groups and channels organized by function, culture, and interest. Only a select group of friends can add unwanted and annoying people to the weed.

The slog and flood of conversation isn’t immune to controversy, especially when it comes to KMS, which is similar to Snapchat. KMS stands for “Killing the Mother”. This phrase is the same everywhere, including inconsistency. Since the definition is the same, the usage in similar settings should be the same.

Results of KMS in cars

Yes, you should have guessed. In the automotive industry, KMS stands for Miles. A kilometer is a unit of measurement used to calculate how far a vehicle has traveled. The most commonly used full form of the abbreviation KMS is “kilometer”. Social media is something completely different.

People often check the route or KMS to see how long the car has been on the road. KMS is the best indicator of a vintage car’s physical condition. Maintaining the correct lane is essential to maintaining your vehicle.

Understanding other Snapchat terms

Besides CMS, there are many other apps that you need to know if you want to use Snapchat effectively. We’ve rounded up the most commonly used Snapchat lingo.

See it here

What does GTS mean on Snapchat?

The abbreviation GTS is used when writing “good times”. It can also be used to mean “sleep”. Both are valid and used as GTS. The debate is how the term GTS should be understood. GTS is a good time to present old photos to bring back old memories. However, if you send a random text or picture at night and they respond with GTS, you are “sleeping”.

What does SU mean on Snapchat?

It has two meanings, both are opposite. SU stands for “Swipe” and “Shut Up”. Again, we answer that it depends on the species we are talking about. For example, you can encourage your friend to calm down, especially if he is being annoying or annoying. Alternatively, you can use Swipe Up SU to call the action button on a new Snapchat story post.

“KMS” is usually a joke and means “come”.

] Since then, “KMS” is now used by the youth in a silly or derisive way. Most of the time, teenagers will find their circles funny and use personal platforms like Snapchat, WhatsApp or iMessage to “KMS”.

Some people may say “KMS” to a specific group of friends. For example, a girl can send “KMS” to other girls she has known for a long time.

If your friend is depressed or uncomfortable, say “KMS” to let the couple go.

Your friend will tell you about a daily situation that worries them a little, but they have forgotten.

For example, they might say, “I can’t believe 7/11 came from a hot foreign country. KMS.”

If they’ve had a hard day, they say, “Am I ever going to sleep?! KMS.”

If they’re feeling silly, say, “You don’t follow me on IG?! KMS!”

In rare but severe cases, “CMS” leads to suicide.

A friend or friend can say “KMS” for help. When they use the acronym “congratulations,” they are not using a joke or humor to overcome suicidal thoughts. In this case, it is important to help and support the mental health of this person.

This person may say “CMS” after expressing their emotional pain, and this can lead to crises that negatively affect them and affect their mental well-being.

For example, the tone of their writing will be very sad. They may comment, “I haven’t made any new friends since I moved here. I feel lonely. KMS.”

They may talk about how they hurt themselves or the meaning of life.

A self-harming person might say things like, “Life feels so empty. It’s just like that. ITS.”

Your friend is playing.

[2] There were little hicks in their time, they weren’t so perfect, now, they want to enjoy those little hicks. Maybe they’re hoping to play with you and make them laugh so dramatically.

“I didn’t ask for the number of a cute boy I met abroad! KMS.”

“I’ve had enough of paying taxes now! KMS.”

“My dress arrived today and it’s completely the wrong color. KMS.”

Your friend expresses displeasure.

They have strong opinions and want you to know where they draw the line. “KMS” shows their level of dislike, so you can either empathize with them or argue with them.

“Convinced my mother to do it. KMS.”

“KMS. I hate the actor who plays my favorite superhero.”

“This coke is so flat. KMS. I hate it.”

It is sarcastic because someone is offended.

When faced with a problem or some difficulty, they use “KMS” as an opportunity to complain about their lives. They want reassurance that their problem will be over soon.

“Wow. I’m good at this game. KMS.”

“The assignment was very simple and I was still working at 1 am.

“Brother told mom it was past curfew. What fun! KMS.”

Someone had a bad day.

Often times when life was going great, they were faced with a series of unfortunate events or an incredibly tragic event. Convince them to talk and show some sympathy to encourage them.

“I totally broke a 360 in front of the entire skate park. KMS.”

“There were so many questions today, I can’t think straight. KMS.”

“I made a batch of brownies for my birthday. KMS.”

One is restless and impatient.

They have to wait longer, or it seems like nothing interesting is happening right now. They count the minutes until they can have fun again.

“Mom took me to my sister’s funeral. It’s three o’clock. KMS.”

“I have three years to look at this program before starting this, KMS.”

“Three whole months until I graduate. KMS . . .”

If your friend is acting crazy, laugh with them.

Tell them they are being really dramatic or opinionated. If they get upset because of a stressful situation, remind them to play, then cool off, and then take a break. Try to joke together about a bad day, then tell them the next one will be brighter. Your good attitude will make them say “LOL” instead of “KMS”.

“You are such a drama king!”

“But tell me what you think!”

“Hey, you don’t have to be good at everything! Relax.”

“Tomorrow will be better!”

“Good things come to those who wait!”

This person has talked about suicide before.

If they have discussed suicidal attempts or thoughts, they are at risk and the “CMS” indicates that they may be considering suicide. [3] Studies have shown that suicidal people are more likely to joke about suicide. Humor is troubling because it can be their way of expressing their mental health struggles. [4] Look for these warning labels if they say “CMS”; [5] .

Conditions such as depression or anxiety were detected.

They shared that they were in severe mental or physical pain.

Details of their suicides are given.

They are suicidal or know someone who is.

They have a family history of suicide.

They are neglected at home as well as at school.

They worry about “weight” or “performance”.

Someone talks about self-harm.

Even if it’s the first time you’ve heard them say “CMS,” one example is disturbing after the self-harm metaphor. Others take a lighter “CMS” tone, focusing on how someone who thinks about self-harm can actually harm themselves. Know that these symptoms are dangerous and require intervention; [6] .

They mentioned cutting, burning or stabbing themselves.

They say they don’t have enough energy for normal activities like bathing.

They talk about hunger or suffer from eating disorders.

They say they use substances like alcohol or drugs.

They talk about scars or wounds on their body.

If a friend is in crisis, get help right away.

Tell adults you trust – such as parents or a school counselor – that they have talked about suicide or self-harm. Please keep any information confidential as the information is sensitive. Then explain that your friend needs additional care, such as therapy. If your friend is considering self-harm, ask an adult to intervene immediately – this is an emergency. [7] .

It’s okay to “tell” a friend if they’re in danger – if you share a sad conversation, you could save their life.

Share a suicide phone number with a friend. Encourage them to respond and open up with a crisis counselor.

Meet your friends and their supporters. If your friend makes comments that worry you, tell a trusted adult right away.

If you believe your friend is in danger, call 911 so crisis professionals can respond. Then call your friend’s parents so that your friend is not alone.

What does HMU mean on Snapchat?

Another popular Snapchat slang is HMU. HMU stands for ‘Hit Me Up’. Unlike CMS, it asks people to join you. This means that when you receive a text from HMU, that person will invite you to contact them via call or text.

Many Snapchat users use HMU in their public posts, which they can use as an open invitation to connect, or ask followers to subscribe or retweet. Many people also post HMU posts looking for interesting jobs and asking people to join them.

Social enterprises and NGOs can use the HMU to get public support for a good cause. Encourage people to join girls’ education campaigns or help the poor.

Using KMS Slang

Sensor Amplification is the basic concept of acronyms like KMS, WSG, WTM or GTS. If someone has CMS, it doesn’t mean they are self-triggering, but rather that they are overreacting or reacting to a bad event.

In other words, it’s a way of saying something is sad or wrong. If used honestly, it is dangerous and should be taken into account.

KMS is a popular term among teenagers, often used to describe their displeasure with social media posts.


Shortcuts may be what makes Snapchat so attractive to users. These slang terms are becoming more and more popular. Who knows, maybe in the future this language will soon take over the Internet.

If not used in this way, KMS should not be a bad or offensive application. It is a reaction to something unpleasant or distressing.

I hope that once you know what I wrote for you on Snapchat, you won’t be confused the next time someone uses KMS in a post. You know more Snapchat shortcuts than ever before. You can use social media to express your anger in response to protests. It’s so much fun!

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