The exam is the most pressurized situation a student face in his life. It is the time when he has to show the world his capabilities, and if you are in 10+2, these exams will play an important role in your future.

 It is also the most confusing time for students, Students often get confused with many things, and such confusion leads to bad examinations. In this article, we will share some great exam tips for students by Top Essay Writing that help them to score good grades on the examination.

 Let’s begin with the positivity and the 5 strategies for exams for success.

 Create a schedule

Preparing for the exams becomes easier when you work with a schedule. If you study strategically, you will perform amazingly in the exams. Make a timetable and follow the schedule with complete focus. Do not create a hectic schedule that becomes tough for you to follow, and ultimately you quit it.

 Solve Practice Papers

If you ask a topper for his secret to performing phenomenally well in the exams, he probably says solving practice papers. Average students often underestimate the importance of solving papers and avoid doing it. But solving these papers can enhance your performance drastically.

 Do Revision

The best way for preparing in the examinations is to do revisions. Toppers revise at least three to five times. You can see its impact on their result. It helps you recall all the topics you studied and increases the chances of retention of these topics. The more you revise, the better you will handle the pressure of exams.

Eat Well and Sleep Well

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. No exam tips for students can help you if your eating and sleeping pattern is not well. Taking proper sleep relaxes your mind and enhances its concentration power the next time you sit to study. Studies claim that eating breakfast before exams and taking complete 8 hours of sleep are correlated with good grades.

 Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks in the study session is very effective for learning, and it boosts the retention power of the brain. Students are advised to follow the Pomodoro technique. In the Pomodoro technique, a student needs to take a break of 5 minutes after every 25 minutes of study. Following the Pomodoro technique manage your distraction and gives you complete control of your time.

 The above tips for success in exams are highly effective if applied properly

 After knowing what you should do to perform well in exams, it’s time to learn what you should avoid getting success in exams.

 Avoid Cramming

Don’t cram, it’s worthless. You cram late at night before exams, and in the exam, you fail to write answers because you are not able to recall that one word. That’s the case that happened with many. To avoid these complications, I must suggest you avoid cramming but try to learn and understand the concept. It’s time-consuming and equally effective.

 Never Compare Yourself with Others

Comparing is a useless thing that everyone does, and gets demotivated. It is also true in the case of students. Students have a tendency to compare themselves with the toppers of the class, and it impacts their preparation. Students need to concentrate on their own studies solely rather than thinking about the toppers.

Don’t Go for Multiple Resources

During the hectic hour, all the students want to grab everything that comes their way. Learning from different resources is very effective, but avoid it right before the exams. Avoid multiple resources before exams, and stick with your notes for better performance.

 Never Get Overconfidence

Overconfidence is the biggest hurdle to becoming a topper from an average student. Maybe you have done fabulously in your previous exams, but you need to work equally hard to perform well in this exam. 

Don’t Underestimate Revision

Any concept you study needs a revision to put that knowledge in the long-term memory section. Most students tend to skip it and then regret it when they fail to recall the answer to the exam. Revision creates the difference between ordinary marks to extraordinary.


A good student focuses on what to do during exams, but only a topper knows what not to do during exams. The choice is yours. If you want to become a topper in your class, follow the above-listed exam tips for students genuinely, and no one can stop you to become a topper.  If you like our Effort then you can also Visit our Website for best Law Essay Writing and learn more about career, Self-improvement, Quotes, and English.

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