CNC Machining Services for Custom Parts

CNC Machining Services

Whited CNC offers one of the most complete CNC machining services for custom parts and components, including precision machining in wood, plastic, and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and brass. Our experienced team will help you from your first contact with us to keep your job on track and on time. For more information about our CNC machining services, visit our website today!

Why should I use CNC machining for custom parts?

There are many reasons that CNC machining is the best option for custom parts. It’s important to consider these points before making a decision on what production method to use. First, traditional manufacturing methods take significantly more time than CNC machining. The process of designing and manufacturing with CNC machinery is much faster, allowing you to reduce your lead times by weeks or even months.

Second, if you need prototypes, it’s very expensive and time-consuming to prototype by hand; but with 3D printing technology and other fabrication processes like metal-stamping or injection molding, it becomes possible.

Third, when manufacturing parts in bulk quantities, metal stamping will give you lower per-part costs than injection molding will because of economies of scale; however this only applies when using large volumes of material.

What are the benefits of CNC machining?

The benefits of CNC machining are numerous, but the most important is the ability to create parts with a high level of precision and accuracy. The process is also very efficient and doesn’t require a lot of human labor, which can help reduce costs. As a result, there’s less risk involved in starting a company that specializes in CNC machining services.

When you should use another process?

If you need a large quantity of parts, there may be a better option than CNC machining. This can be more time- and cost-effective depending on the size of your order. For smaller orders, CNC machining is the way to go.

Types of parts we can manufacture with our services

We offer CNC machining services from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, brass, aluminum and more. We can do anything from prototypes to production runs, so you get the best quality at an affordable price.

Can I design my own part with CAD software?

A CAD software is a computer-aided design program that is used to create technical drawings. You can use this software to design your own parts and then send them off for CNC machining services. If you would like to get custom parts manufactured, you will need to work with a cnc machining parts supplier.

Do you have any samples in stock to buy?

We have a wide selection of YIJIN Hardware-approved cnc machining parts suppliers in stock. Contact our sales team to find out more about these products, or to place an order.

Do you provide drawings or 3D models that I can take to another shop if required?

No, we do not provide drawings or 3D models. If you are in need of machining services and have a drawing or 3D model, please send it to us so that we can provide you with an estimate.

Will it be easier to machine multiple parts at once, rather than one by one?

Machining one part at a time is less expensive and takes less time, but if you’re looking to make a large quantity of parts, it might be better to have all the parts machined simultaneously. This will save on machine time and material costs. You can also find CNC machining parts suppliers that will provide quotes in advance to help with your budgeting process.

Is it possible to alter an existing part, instead of making a new one from scratch?

There are a number of ways to alter an existing part depending on what you want to change. The easiest way is to remove material from the part and then add it back in, which can be done in a variety of ways including: machining, milling, drilling, turning, etc.

Another option would be to drill holes and tap them so that they line up with another set of holes. For instance, if you wanted to convert a hole that was 1/4 into one that was 3/8, you could drill 3/8 diameter hole next to it, tap it so that the threads match up with the original hole’s threads and screw a bolt into both holes to pull them together while making sure they stay lined up properly. For More Information Visit Now:

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