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Having your very first Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is sure exciting, although it’s somehow worrying as well. Before having their first therapy, people often ask about some questions, especially about how they would feel after the therapy. So, how do you feel after HBOT?

Just like any therapies, people will experience specific body reactions after the protocols are done. Although these are common, other people may feel it differently. But, most of them would feel their body refreshed after two hours of HBOT session.

Now, in order to get more comfortable about the whole process, we have some tips of what you need to prepare and what you need to expect during your first therapy sessions. Don’t worry, it’ll be fun!

What You Need to Prepare

First therapy can be quite overwhelming for some people. Although the therapy has been around for such a long time, hyperbaric oxygen protocol isn’t something people in common would know.

The therapy is exactly as natural as the way we breathe everyday. We inhale oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide, it’s exactly that. However, the difference is the oxygen purity that will be exposed to you.

When breathing, the air we inhale only consists of about 21% oxygen and other breathable glasses. In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you’ll be inhaling oxygen with 95% purity. See the difference here?

Some companies stated that they use 100% oxygen purity; the level usually ranges from 95% to 100%, which is just enough to make your body refreshed, your blood flow better, and your mental state relaxed.

Before doing anything else, focus on these two things: Eat and Identification. If you’re taking a protocol at a hospital or other health departments, you’ll be asked about your identification, including the insurance and card.

But most importantly, don’t forget to eat. In fact, never forget to eat at the proper time. The food intake will be beneficial to give the body lots of protein which are usual to heal injuries and increase blood sugar used as a fuel to have an increased recovery rate in the protocol. This “fuel” in your bloodstream may give the best optimum results.

What to Expect When Doing HBOT for The First Time

So, what to expect when doing this therapy for the first time?

Usually, the first thing you’ll get is a greeting from the corresponding staff, ensuring that everything will be okay. Creating a healthy environment is mandatory to keep the users relaxed and cool.

You may feel a bit nervous during your first time, but that’s okay. Sometimes, the staff may offer you some snacks or foods in case you haven’t eaten anything before the protocol. Since verification is usually done before the process, it’s better to come half an hour early than scheduled.

The hyperbaric technician will escort you to the chamber, and give you all information about it. You’ll be reviewing the chamber and this is the perfect time if you want to ask about anything in particular.They will also take a look at your medical history in case you have serious health problems that are prohibited.

And then, it finally began. The protocol will begin after you put yourself nicely in the chamber. But first, change your clothes into the hospital robes that they offer. Anything you wear, including jewelry, should be removed to prevent electricity problems or other technical difficulties.

Inside the chamber, usually there’s an entertainment system you may use to pass the time. The technician will help to make the best comfy space for you. After all is done and ready, enjoy the protocol!

How Do You Feel After HBOT?

After the protocol is finally done, the corresponding staff will check your health condition by checking your ears, blood pressure, etc. The therap[y can still be done by users who have diabetes. After the process, they’ll be checked for blood glucose as well.

People may have different reactions after the therapy. But, the most common one is ringing ears or ears that feel clogged, which are natural reactions when your body is exposed to such pressure. Don’t worry, these problems will disappear eventually within minutes.

You may also feel hungry after the protocol.

Do You Want to Have An Oxygen Chamber At Home?

Yes, besides using the chamber in health facilities, it’s also possible to order one from oxygen chamber companies. One of them that we’d like to recommend is OxyHelp home hyperbaric chamber.

OxyHelp will help users to achieve their better health condition through a proper hyperbaric oxygen therapy they can do right inside their home. The therapy will give their bodies more oxygen with 95% level of purity to improve metabolism, improve performance for sport, and have healthy aging.

The protocols are completely safe and also non-invasive. OxyHelp provides two kinds of oxygen chambers, and both can be ordered. This company already sent around 1,100 chambers around the world, and is willing to send more.

The Monoplace Oxygen Chamber is suitable for one person. If you live in a small family, or living alone, Monoplace chamber can help achieve the better health conditions and blood circulation you’re hoping for.

Meanwhile, there’s the multiplace hyperbaric chamber that’s built in a much bigger size. This chamber will fit more than one person, and even have some extra empty space to store something. With a nice sofa and entertainment system, spending your time here can be a smart way to relax your body.

Talking about quality, these chambers are made of high quality aluminum, instead of the other
cheap materials, like plastic, for example. What’s more important to know is that these chambers have the ability to decompress and compress automatically to balance the pressure according to the user’s needs.

There are two ways of operating and configuring these chambers: from the outside screen, or inside monitors. So even when inside, users can still operate the chamber in the way they like. With all these benefits and specialties, what are you waiting for?

Know more about OxyHelp and get your own oxygen chamber now!

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