Pennsylvania Beauty Salon Suite Rental Controversy

While many groomers and barbers have fully embraced the gig economy, some professionals and owners resist the inevitable changes. Some states still have strict rules about short-term rentals regarding cabins, stations, and private rooms in salons and workshops. Pennsylvania is one of the states where safeguards have been put in place to prevent hair and beauty salons and spas from renting seats on a short-term basis.

The issue has resurfaced recently as Pennsylvania lawmakers attempt to tighten policies to prevent salons from renting chairs by the day, week, or session. Salons and spas that treat hair, skin, and nails are licensed and regulated by the Department of State under a state law that prohibits “floor rentals.”

In a memo to other legislators, Hon. Natalie Mihalek, Allegheny County Republican: “In recent years, companies have been circumventing the law, saying they’re renting ‘seats’ or ‘space’ (not a booth).” Mihalek said he plans to introduce legislation that would tighten the rental prohibition language, which he said would protect consumers and ensure that licensed facilities remain healthy and safe, responsible financially, and adhere – further measures.

If the memo becomes law, no action will be taken until late September, when lawmakers return to Harrisburg.

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Like all rules, there are loopholes. In this case, the salon chain is a curve that is not covered by the current regulations. Some salons that do not support these policies have divided their spaces to create private rooms. These rooms are not subject to the same scrutiny regarding rental regulations.

While we don’t have any recommendations, on the ShearShare platform, salon and barbershop owners can list their stations, chairs, or empty rooms. We also offer free insurance to all entertainers for anything on stage. For beauty professionals, we provide usage-based services for $5 per day, so you don’t have to worry about anything but the client’s experience.

We will continue to monitor this story as it develops and hope to one day soon open our service to salon and barber shop owners in Pennsylvania. You can read the full text here for more information on the regulatory update.

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