She had been considering renting a salon suite in Pompano Beach, Florida for months. You didn’t betray yourself by putting your signature on the dotted line, did you? Wherever you are. All the estheticians are there. There is a difference between a cabin rental and a cabin suite rental. Before you rent, check out these interior kit rental basics.

3 Things to Consider Before Renting a Cabin Suite

  1. Calculate the numbers
    Before choosing a specific location, you must decide how much your customers will charge. It would help if you also calculated the cost.

Determine the fee that will be charged

In addition to the base rate, enter a rental percentage to help determine a reasonable rate. Other things to consider include insurance, shipping, and management tools.

Calculate your costs

It would help to determine the initial, weekly, and monthly costs. Start-up costs include (but are not limited to) credit card payment processing, vendors, suppliers, and amounts due at lease signing. Other start-up costs include inventory, retail, and furniture.

Weekly and monthly expenses to consider include laundry, rent, taxes, and utilities. Set aside funds for emergencies in case you need them.

calculate everything

You need to calculate all your daily, weekly, and monthly payments.


Rent $340 Furniture $400
License $70 Shipping $300
Quick Booking/Alipay $15 Wednesday Event $250
$30 online/website reservation fee
Total Income: $6,111

Total cost: $1,405

Profit (before taxes): $4,706

The IRS requires a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) to file your business tax returns.

  1. Lease Agreement
    Do not sign a lease without reading it carefully. To be safe, get legal advice before signing. Information may vary depending on who you rent the cabin kit from. Leases may include terms for materials and finishes, such as paintings. Other lease information terms may include terms for improvements, maintenance, and utility charges.
  2. Create your schedule
    One of the advantages of being a manager is flexibility. You can set working hours according to the needs of your customers. Pay attention when you are busy and often busy. Set your hours to maximize profits and give your customers what they want.

What is the difference between a salon suite rental and a cabin rental?

As the tenant of the cabin, he was an employee of an established salon. As an employee, the benefits are as follows:

Leave internal and external operations to the salon owner.
Ongoing education and mentoring to maintain your cosmetology license and keep pace with new technologies and styling techniques
Another stylist is available for your shift in an emergency

Lack of freedom. The salon owner will determine your work schedule
You may be forced to use the salon owner’s favorite product instead of your favorite styling product
As a renter of cabin packages, the advantages are:

  • Be a leader. You don’t respond to people.
  • Decorate your space however you want
  • Adjust your working hours
  • Use the product you need
  • Free to set your price
  • get extra income

Disadvantages of renting a cabin kit include:

  • Keep track of company accounts (using a platform like QuickBooks can help)
  • Higher start-up costs, including advertising and distribution

About Studio Elements Salon Suite

Are you looking to rent a cottage suite in Pompano Beach, Florida? Studio Elements Salon Suites offers everything you need to start a beauty business. At Studio Elements Salon Suites, we are a full-service salon with 24/7 service and commercial-style laundry facilities. If necessary, we provide lounges and other valuable rooms.

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