10 10 Sale: The most awaited sale of the year

10 10 Sale

Who doesn’t love to buy things on sale. Whether it’s clothing, accessories or any other thing, we would love to buy these on deals. When fashion brands go on sale, women, especially our Pakistani women go crazy on it. Some people are actually waiting for sales to buy their stuff. In Pakistan, there are some biggest sales that happen every year like 10 10 sale, 11 11 sale, eids sales, end of season sale etc. 

Sale on brands:

Almost all fashion brands in Pakistan have these sales. The sale percentages although varry. Some brands even go on sale upto 70% off. If you have ever come across a sale on Laam, you would know that they go on crazy sales. You should keep an eye out as the 10 10 sale is almost here. And there is going to be a sale on various categories on Laam. 

Brands that go on the biggest sales:

Gul Ahmed:

Gul Ahmed is among the top names that have amazing sales, including 10 10 Sale, 11 11 Sale, end of season sale, eid sales etc . The brand “Ideas by Gul Ahmed,” offers a wide variety of clothing for men, women as well as kids. Because of their fantastic collections, Gul Ahmed has become a popular name. They launch amazing new styles with each passing season, and shoppers rush to get their hands on them.

Women of all ages who have an appreciation for beautiful clothing wear it and love it. Unstitched for both men and women, Pret wear, Casual, and Formal wear are just some of the many collections available at Ideas by Gul Ahmed. It has been growing since the start. The brand’s idea is to supply high-quality clothing to their wide customer base. More than a thousand Gul Ahmed stores have opened in different cities across Pakistan. This is due to the adoration of its devoted customers and the success with which it has dealt with the resulting increase in demand. So look out for the sales on Gul Ahmed and also 10 10 Sale is almost here, so be ready for it.


One of the brands that frequently has deals is Sapphire. Sapphire is a popular apparel brand in Pakistan that carries a wide variety of ready-to-wear, unstitched, and haute couture options. Sapphire is meeting all of its customers’ requirements, from everyday wear to business attire, and from clothing to accessoires. The company goes on to achieve remarkable sales growth, which is much to the delight of its clientele. Sapphire always has a terrific deal going on, whether it be a 10 10 sale or the end-of-season clearance.

Saira Shakira:

Known for its originality and exclusivity, Saira Shakira is a fashion brand that specialises in eastern and couture. It presents itself as a modern kind of classicism that is rooted in originality and high-quality tailoring. This brand also has pretty good sales ranging from the 11/11 sale to the 10/10 sale, the Eid sales to the season-ending sales.

10 10 Sale is almost here so you should keep an eye out on these brands and especially Laam. It has almost all the top brands on board and it goes on sale upto 70% off.

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