How to Find a Doctor You Trust in Washington State


A qualified and experienced doctor is someone everyone wants, and for one reason, you’ll be putting your health in their hands. 

However, besides experience and credentials, there’s one thing you can’t ignore: trust. A doctor you can rely on to be forthcoming, committed, honest, and kind is priceless.

If you’ve moved states to Washington and are wondering how you can find a doctor just as reliable as your previous one, read on.

For medical cannabis patients, the process of finding a marijuana physician they can count on in a new state may be a challenge.

That said, we’ve prepared tips to assist you in your search for a doctor you can trust regardless of their specialty.

  1. Consult Your Previous Doctor

When looking for a new doctor in a new state like Washington, your first source of info isn’t far. Start with your previous healthcare providers and ask them for recommendations.

The medical field is full of people who appreciate the value of networking. Physicians tend to start their own small practices, even if they already work in hospitals.

Making connections helps doctors find work. You can leverage these connections by asking your previous doctor for a recommendation.

  1. Ask Around

If you have loved ones in Washington State, you could ask them for suggestions. Since everyone sees a doctor at some point, they may have a few candidates for you.

For those who move to states where they don’t know anybody, you’re still not at a disadvantage. Make some friends and ask them about reliable local doctors.

You could simply ask around, as most people would be more than willing to refer you to their favorite doctors.

  1. Check Online Reviews

It’s become part of life to go through online reviews when doing almost everything. You could be shopping for shoes, looking to eat out, or trying to hire a lawyer.

The web is filled with all kinds of review sites for everything, including the weirdest stuff people are into nowadays. You wouldn’t have difficulties finding doctor reviews.

We suggest a site like Healthgrades. You can also find reviews on social media pages and groups.

  1. Browse Health Databases

Databases are huge sources of information carrying large amounts of industry data that have been structured for easy use.

There are tons of health databases run by various organizations and even the government. 

Health databases are not difficult to find either. You may want to search by the state of your choice for narrowed results.

For the sake of this article, we went ahead and found a large health database for the State of Washington belonging to the American Medical Association.

  1. Insurance Company

You probably have health insurance, and if you do, your plan can help you find a good and reliable doctor through the plan’s network of physicians. These are physicians who accept the plan you’re on.

It’s straightforward to find a doctor who accepts your insurance. Just talk to your insurance provider and ask for a list of doctors in your area.

If you have an insurance representative you talk to often, they will make a great resource in finding a trusted doctor who takes their insurance plan.

  1. Trust Your Gut

Sometimes trusting people is about gut instinct as appearances can be deceiving.

For various reasons, you may not feel comfortable with a doctor after an appointment. You may feel like they’re not really listening to you, or they’re not prompt enough.

Basically, if a doctor feels off to you, you have the right to move on until you find one who vibes well with you.

  1. Do a Background Check

You may already have a number of doctors in mind. That doesn’t mean they are reliable or possess a decent track record throughout their years of practice.

If a doctor’s track record determines whether you can work with them, then all you need is their name and location. 

You can use these to look them up on the Federation of State Medical Boards site. Things like the doctor’s credentials, complaints, and actions against them will be available to you.

Final Thoughts

Finding a doctor isn’t an issue as there are plenty wherever you go. The problem is finding one you can fully trust and communicate well with. Remember, when you feel at ease with your doctor, reaching solutions to your health problems becomes easy.

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