9 Common Reasons for Clogged Kitchen Sink

Clogged Kitchen Sink

A clogged kitchen sink is one of the most common unwanted scenes that we have to deal with often. Although clogs are inconvenient, severe clogs can be expensive to clear and lead to serious issues with your home’s plumbing system. The plumbers in Mornington state that it mostly happens due to common reasons we don’t pay much attention to. Severely clogged sinks might need to be fixed by a licenced plumber. But before hiring a plumber, to get it fixed appropriately, you must recognise the cause of your kitchen sink’s clogged situation.

Today we’ll talk about the common reasons that usually lead to clogged kitchen sinks. Take note so you find what’s causing your sink to get clogged. Let’s begin with the first one, which is –

1. Oil and Grease

When liquid, like any high-fat cooking ingredient, such as oil or bacon grease, is poured down the sink, the fat hardens over time as it comes into contact with the inner walls of the cool drain, leading to annoying clogged situations. Such greasy liquids should be placed in an old coffee can before being disposed of in the trash.

2. Hair  

Clogs are frequently caused by hair (animal fur or stringy materials, including dental floss), especially in showers, laundry, bathtubs, and kitchen sinks.

It can knot up, combine with other particles like soap and grease, and attach itself to some drain regions, making it extremely sticky. Professional, reliable plumbers say that hair is frequently the cause of the most difficult clogs, particularly in bathtubs, showers, and bathroom sinks.

3. Heavy Objects

Never put a heavy thing down your sink to wash. Bones, eggshells, and sand are typical heavy items. These bulky items clog your kitchen sink easily when mixed with the grease inside your pipes. Some clumps stick in the horizontal sections of your lines due to their weight.

4. Expanding Food

Food should always be disposed of in the garbage disposal, trash, or compost because small fragments of your food may eventually get stuck in the curved pipe under the sink. Pasta, beans, lentils, Brussel sprouts, or potatoes grow in size the more time they soak. The majority of these foods can enlarge considerably. Also, celery and other fibrous items should never be put in the pipe because they can tangle with the blades. Eggshells, bones, and fruit pits are also prohibited because they are too complex to pass.

What happens frequently is that a homeowner will wash and remove a lot of leftovers from the kitchen sink just before going to bed. The food will swell overnight and jam the kitchen sink the following morning.

5. Soap Scum

Since many soaps contain fats, they can clog up your pipes horribly when combined with the hard minerals found in water. You may hire a nearby plumber to pressure-clean the pipes and look for soap-free cleansers to get rid of a clogged kitchen sink.

6. Corrosion

Your pipes are undoubtedly corroding if you reside in an older home with metal pipes. There are two things that corrosion does:

  • Pipes grow rough inside as they rust, much like velcro. Over time, your pipes become clogged with waste, which attaches to more garbage. It’s a never-ending circle. 
  • Did you also realise that your pipes get smaller over time? But it’s not at all as you probably imagined. The walls of rusted pipes get thicker as a result. Rust is substantially less dense than cast iron, which explains why. 

7. Small-Object

If you have children, there’s a possibility that a marble, figurine, or other small object was mistakenly thrown into the kitchen sink and is the root of the obstruction. You’d need to remove it to clear the pipes of any miniature pieces, so you should probably hire a professional plumber.

8. Tree Roots

If you have many clogged sinks, your sewage line may be hindered by tree roots. If your sewer lines are older and if there are tiny cracks, the roots will enter and develop inside those cracks. You’ll probably need to repair the lines with the help of a plumber who’ll break up the tree root and use tools to clear the sewer line.

9. Less Usage

This scenario frequently occurs: a homeowner goes on vacation, and their kitchen sink is clogged when they return. Naturally, a lot of individuals find this to be puzzling. How is that even possible? So the solution is straightforward. Previously, all of the dirt that had accumulated in your pipes could be passed through by the water. But the sludge, and grease, build over time, and buildup gets extremely hard once the pipes become inactive and dry up. Your kitchen sink completely clogs as a result of this.

Mornington Jetting:  Local Plumbers in Mornington Peninsula VIC

Some DIYs can help you eliminate the clogged kitchen, but they cannot always help you. Ignoring it multiple times can lead to complicated situations, and you can avoid it with the help of professional plumbers.  

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