Consequences of Mistranslating Medical Documents

Medical Documents

Medical document translation has been required to be there for the best results. Medical translation is a sensitive field and doesn’t offer room for errors and negligence. Also, not everyone can perform the translation of the medical content and it is a complex process. Moreover, it requires mechanical conversion from one language to another. Health providers cannot work on offering quality health care without having the content of medical documents of premium quality.

Businesses invest a lot in medical translation and hence expect it to be really good. Not everyone is capable of translating the content. For a professional medical content translation, the person who is carrying out the translation has to understand the level, skills, studies, and other factors. Junior translators who have just started their careers in the medical translation are not the right choice for this. Those who barely know the medical language cannot localize the text, also the important hues which are needed for quality’s sake.

Medical document translation services require translators who are well aware of medical jargon and terminology, understand the content and consequences of wrong translation are vigilant and alert, and have subject matter expertise. They should be trained enough to perform their duties well. As not performing the duties well can bring dire consequences creating trouble for everyone involved.

Misunderstanding the medical documents may include the following factors

Severe adverse effects

The mistranslation of medical documents and content can have serious adverse effects on patients’ health. Mistranslating the content of some pharma, packaging, and prescription can put the patient’s life at stake.

Differences in the consent forms

Consent forms are signed by the patient’s relatives or next of kin to ensure that if something happens during or post-surgery the medical staff is not going to be responsible for that. In such cases, if there is a mistake or error in the consent form or there are discrepancies, that may create trouble for the family of the patient as they could have expected different consequences.

Mistakes in clinical trials

Certified medical document translation services are evident in the process of clinical trials. As clinical trials are conducted to check the results and aftereffects of particular medicines and vaccines. Approving the content without paying much heed and observing it well may turn the whole effort futile. It also can risk the lives of the people who have been getting clinical trials and the negative results can also create trouble for the pharma company that is conducting these trials.

Trust issues with patients

Errors and mistakes in the medical documents and other content can also push the patients and clients away from their physicians and they may end up boycotting a particular health clinic. Creditability is a big factor for a physician and hospital as it takes years to establish and if customers start questioning the credibility due to negligences in the translation, that could bring defame and embarrassment to the healthcare center.

Tarnish the corporate image of a medical institute

Pharmaceutical translation and medical document translation go hand in hand. The labs include a lot of medical devices and equipment with multiple machines to perform x-rays, ultrasounds, and equipment that runs blood tests. This equipment requires particular forms, packaging, and user manual with safety instructions and this translation content has to be translated according to the target audience. The mistranslation in the content of all these medical documents can lead to dire consequences, a wrong report or x-ray can devastate a patient leading to the medical institution tarnishing its image at the corporate level.

Poor sales

Poor pharmaceutical translation services can be a big reason which can affect the business of medical companies and institutions. All thanks to the poor translation. All the medical text in the user manuals, reports, medical documents, and reports can boost sales as well as can take these down too. Every company puts effort with an aim of generating good revenue and making good sales and mistranslating the content can get hectic while striving for good profits.

Legal issues

Medical practices vary with the different regions and there are particular regulatory authorities in every country who take care of these practices as per the defined rules and guidelines. Messing with these rules and going against the regulatory authorities can lead to grave consequences and companies may end up with court battles. This is why professional pharmaceutical translation services are evident to ensure that there are no mistakes. In order to cope with legal issues, it is crucial to translate quality medical documents and content professionally to avoid legal issues.

Final words

The medical document translation is extremely vital to put the practices in their places and to not become the victim of unfortunate events. Mistranslating the medical text and content may lead to court battles, poor sales, losing patients’ trust, and tarnishing your company’s image on the international level.

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