Solar Bollards: Benefits of Installing Solar Bollards

With the ever increasing rate of technology advancement, bollard makers are also making use of these new technologies to help them make better bollards. As we all know that solar power is becoming the new future. It is gaining popularity with every passing day. Bollard making companies are also turning towards solar power to make use of it in bollard making. Solar bollards are the future. You may have seen many solar bollards in city areas or large parking lots etc. they are an efficient and cost saving option as compared to other bollards that are power operated by using electricity. The installation cost is also very low as compared to other counterparts.

The greatest benefit of solar bollards is that it can save you a lot of money on the monthly electricity bill as it consumes zero electricity.

Solar Bollard  

A solar bollard is the one containing a light source that produces power by itself. It requires very little maintenance. The power consumption of a lighted solar bollard is also very low and it is also user friendly. It is made with durable material that is why it serves you for a long time without any hassle.

In the daytime, when the sun is there, the solar panel takes power from sunlight and keeps on storing it in a battery. The light sensors are present in the solar bollard that sense when the sunlight is not there. They automatically switch on the light of the solar bollard. Similarly, the sensors when they sense the sunlight coming at dawn, they automatically turn off the lights.

Benefits of Installing Solar Bollards

With the increasing cost of electricity with every passing day, solar power is gaining more popularity. Many businesses and households are now shifting to solar. There are many benefits of installing solar bollards. Some of them are described below.

1.     Energy Efficient

Many people think solar bollards are more expensive than traditional bollards. That is why there is no use to install these expensive bollards and they choose the traditional ones. This is true that solar bollards are expensive as compared to traditional security bollards but their efficiency in the long run will give you great return on investment.

According to research studies, solar bollards are 500% more efficient, durable and cost effective as compared to traditional bollards. Solar bollards get their power from the sun which is a non-stop source of energy and power. That is why they are more energy efficient and effective. The solar bollards store the solar power and consume it at the night time while traditional bollards operate day and night by consuming a sufficient amount of electricity. Therefore solar bollards are much more energy efficient as compared to traditional bollards.

2.     Advanced & Smart Technology Features

The solar bollards use very advanced as well as smart technology features. These features make them more useful and beneficial as compared to traditional bollards. Some solar powered bollards come with a light sensing technology or light regulators. This technology manages and controls the lighting during different timings of the day and night.

Another technological feature of solar powered bollards is that they come with a variety of lighting options. There are some areas where mild lighting is required, whereas some areas require strong lighting. Solar bollards come in varying varieties to cater these requirements.

3.     More Light and More Bright

The solar bollards are much more powerful lighting as compared to traditional bollards. They are said to have 400% more luminous and bright as compared to traditional bollards. With the use of smart technology, the solar bollards control the bright and efficient lighting. They come with an option to increase or decrease the brightness according to the requirements.

4.     Environment Friendly

There are also many advantages of solar bollards regarding the environment. Traditional bollards take power from electricity. Electricity is produced in grid stations with the help of fossil fuels and other harmful sources that are very dangerous for the environment. They emit carbon into the environment. Thus the traditional bollards are harmful for the environment because they are consuming electricity to operate.

In the case of solar bollards, they use sunlight for getting power to operate. Sunlight is harmless and it does not emit any harmful elements into the air. Therefore it is considered to be environmentally friendly. Solar power is 100% safe and harmless for the environment that is why it is considered to be the future.

5.     Durable and Long Lasting

Solar bollards are durable and more reliable as compared to traditional bollards. The material used to make these types of bollards are the durable one that makes it longer lasting with very less maintenance requirements. Most of the solar bollards are made from die cast aluminium. This helps to function well in even extreme weather conditions and in areas with huge levels of humidity in the air. Moreover, the solar bollards are much stronger due to the strong and durable material used to hold them in the ground.

6.     No Effect of Power Outages

The solar bollards are powered by sunlight. They do not depend on electricity from the grid. That is why; in case of any power outages do not affect the functionality of solar bollards. Therefore solar bollards are considered to be a perfect option for areas that face more power outages.


The days when there were only electricity power sources were the only sources of power to light up different equipment have now become the past. Solar has now become the present and it is also the new future. You can now use solar powered bollards to light up your gardens, walkways, parking areas and pathways etc. 

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