Why Yamaha MT 15 can be the best choice?

As expected, in August, the festival month’s sale has increased in both 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers in the Indian automobile market. The sales last month have a marginal increase among all motorcycle brands of India, which, of course, has a profitable impact.

What is your choice, a Yamaha segment? Well, you have picked an excellent bike brand with heavy-duty performance and amazing features. Have you checked on Yamaha MT 15, not yet, then you must explore it once.

However, let us get you why this Yamaha segment is a profit purchase. Read more below:

1. Design and Development: Yamaha bikes always have a magnificent look that gives rides a style statement in an automobile. Its sharp tank, edge-cut headlights, tail lights, and dock LED’s make it look complete and monster. The bike has durable components that deliver a great mechanism. The exterior detailing includes the ideal length of 2,020 Mm, the width of 800 mm, and a height of 1,070 Mm. It has a ground clearance of 170 Mm. Buying this model is the best choice. No need to take hassles to reach the showroom; check Yamaha MT 15 on Droom and compare it with other bikes to make an informed buying decision.

2. Features: Yamaha MT 15 is installed with satisfactory features that ensure to make your drive super comfortable. It comes with a digital trip meter, tachometer, and speedometer. The single in-built channel ABS (Anti-locking braking system), manual transmission, and Bluetooth connectivity let you have the safest ride. The two-seater capacity, swingarm rear suspension, telescopic fork front suspension, and six gearboxes let the rider have convenient pick-up and drive.

3. Engine Performance: This Yamaha segment is excellent in performance as installed with a 155 cc engine. The heavy-duty liquid-cooled engine type gives seamless performance to the motorcycle. It even produces a maximum power of 18.23 Bhp @ 10,000 Rpm and a maximum torque of 13.9 Nm @ 8,500 Rpm. Motorcycle MT 15 has a good pick and the potential to have an excellent mechanism. The perfect

4. Fuel Efficiency: MT 15 Bike, on average, delivers as expected mileage between 40 KMPL to 45 KMPL. Such mileage within the sports bike range is amazing, making a motorcycle a popular choice. It has a fuel injection supply system that gives fuel consistency and lets the bike mechanism works properly.

5. Bike Variants: Yamaha has always kept its excellent bike within a range of variants to let people a choice for an easy pick. MT 15 is also launched within its many variants, such as Yamaha MT 15 150 cc BS6, Yamaha MT 15 150cc Special Edition BS6, and Yamaha MT 15 150 cc Monster Energy in 2022. Its range of color availability for Yamaha MT 15 is great to give buyers a unique reach to pick their favorite segment in the liked shade. It comes in Racing Blue, Metallic Black, Dark Mattress Blue, Cyan Strom, Ice Fluo Vermillion, and more.

6. Specifications: Yamaha MT 15 specifications make it worth the choice to buy it. Yes! It has an in-built 150 cc engine that ensures to produce the maximum power of 18.23 Bhp @ 10,000 Rpm and maximum torque of 13.9 Nm @ 8,500 Rpm. The liquid-cool engine, chain drive, and tubeless tires enhance the overall riding experience. Driving on all terrain and for hours is now seamless and comfortable with this Yamaha segment.

7. Cost Efficiency: The cost of MT 15 shares is what most adventure bike shares. However, exploring features and performance can make you think about this. Yamaha MT 15 price starts from 1.47 lakhs and varies within its available variants. Yamaha 15 150 cc Special Edition costs 1.48 lakhs, and Yamaha 15 150 cc Monster Energy price is 1.50 lakhs. If you think any of its variants is good but outreach from your approach, low-interest vehicle insurances are available.

8. Easy to Operate and Drive: Yamaha bikes look heavy to drive but are easy to operate. The seamless driving experience with MT 15 can give comfortable drivability and perfect handling. Its good pick-up and sustainable balance on speed drives provide no stress for the body. The bike is designed to deliver a comfortable and safe drive.

9. Low-Service Vehicle: The mechanism, components, and overall performance of the MT bike are excellent. It is designed and engineered well, keeps working seamlessly, and needs low maintenance. The motorcycle from Yamaha comes with two years of warranty and less service vehicle.

The Bottom Line:

When it comes to the clustered features and specifications, Yamaha MT 15 is a great bike to think upon. Yamaha always gives riders a new and innovative vehicle within budget. Why buying for MT 15 is an investment of profit for years to have unbeatable drives are hope cleared now. So, if you are aligned with decision-making and comparing, check for MT 15 on Droom

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