6 Things to know about the maintenance of Uggs


There is a solid case to be made that the UGG boot is one of the most recognisable styles of footwear to have emerged over the last ten years. The UGG boot is the quintessential example of the luxe-casual style worn by celebrities, bloggers, and even the girl next door. UGG boots are the ideal footwear for daily use since they are constructed from suede that is exquisitely pliable and lined with sheepskin that is soft and fluffy. On the other hand, just like everything else produced from plush or soft materials, these UGG slippers and boots need attention every once in a while to maintain their brand-new appearance.

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Cleaning instructions for your UGG boots

The prospect of washing a sheepskin may strike horror in your heart, but these materials are simple to maintain and can be refreshed at home with just a little effort.


There is nothing worse than unintentional stains ruining the appearance of your UGGs, so be sure you apply a sheepskin protector to your boots to preserve them and prevent markings from occurring.


If your UGG slippers or boots appear worn, give them some TLC with a suede brush to bring back their lustre. Simply brushing the fibres of the boots in the same direction will give them a consistent appearance that is smooth and silky.


By following the steps outlined above, you may reduce the likelihood of ever having to clean your UGG boots, but if it becomes necessary, here are some steps you should take:

  • Put your UGG boots in a laundry bag, and then throw them into the washing machine with some sheets or towels to make the spin gentler.
  • Only use a detergent that does not include scent or dyes, and wash them on the cold, gentle cycle.
  • Take the items out of the machine as soon as the current cycle has been completed. They shouldn’t be allowed to sit on the drum.
  • You may fluff the insides with your hands and then leave them away to air dry. Check on them every so often and give them another fluff.

How should one use footwear made by UGG?

UGG is also well-known for its distinctive slippers; similar to its boots, these slippers are meant to have a good fit and cling closely to the foot. Your toes should be practically reaching the end of the slippers with a heeled back, but they shouldn’t be so loose that they fall off as you walk. Slippers with a heeled back should be simple to put on and take off.

Which kind of shoe best accommodates a high instep or feet that are wider?

Alpine Range is a suggested brand for those who have a high instep. These are meant to provide more room over the bridge, whether Mini Alpines or standard Alpines. This applies to both versions. Compared to the conventional design, they include a bridge and side areas that are significantly more expansive.

Additionally, the stitching on the Ankle Boot is meant to go upwards rather than across the bridge like most other boot designs. According to specific clients’ experiences, these boots are more comfortable on the instep and provide a better fit for broader feet.

Where are these boots best suited for use?

It is customary in Australia to wear sheepskin boots about the house, and those who feel very bold would even wear them when they go to the store for milk. When you go over to the more ethnic suburbs, you’ll see that people are wearing them in a manner that is stylish, lively, and enthusiastic. This style is informed by how sheepskin boots are worn in other countries. That’s right; companies have received orders for formals and even weddings; the sound of an old Australian icon has now developed into nothing less than a fashion trend. These days, you can wear these boots for any event or purpose. For example, the Hiking sole range is ideal for camping and hiking; you can wear boots for any occasion or purpose these days.

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