Factors to Consider Before Choosing PSM Certification


With organizations moving to Scrum Agile practices, the demand for Scrum Masters is on a hike. Scrum Masters who are well versed with Scrum artifacts, tools, and techniques and can optimize the business value of a company. 

There are dozens of institutions offering various certification courses to learn Scrum and Agile. However, a reputed firm makes sure that you adapt everything and are ready to face the market. To become a certified professional Scrum Master, PSM certification is what you need. Where CSM provides you with only superficial knowledge of Scrum, PSM is one step ahead of it, providing practical experience in managing multiple Scrum projects and team leading. 

To choose what is best for you as per your requirements, here are some key factors for you to consider before you choose PSM Certification. 

  • Is this certificate globally recognized?

To get hassle-free training with top-quality experts, you need to choose the best. There must be other certifications as well, but PSM, as the name suggests is a professional-level course. While selecting a certification based on your needs, a certification that is valued will increase your worth as well. Here PSM is a globally recognized certification that can add weight to your resume. Certification from recognized and known institutions will increase your job opportunities as well.  

  • What will you learn? 

Just as CSM, Professional Scrum Master Training offers you Scrum Agile knowledge but with more understanding and deep concepts. It will include an in-depth understanding of why the Scrum framework and artifacts are important to develop. PSM will teach you Scrum methodologies and how to remove impediments in your team. This training will improve your caliber and offer you the newest Scrum approaches to implement on projects.

 It also includes practical experience with some global expert teams. PSM is considered a difficult course, therefore you must be aware of the facts like, what new will PSM add to your basic knowledge. This is one of the major factors to consider before taking the PSM certification examination.

  • Future career opportunities

Every organization has now replaced its project managers with Scrum teams and Scrum Masters. Lean Agile Scrum principles are so demandable that companies are recommending their managers take this training and enhance their Agile mindset. This has led to increased growth opportunities for you after becoming a professional Scrum Master. This is the foremost factor to consider. If you are already a Scrum Master and managing projects, then PSM will add to your abilities, making you capable of dealing with multiple project initiatives. It will increase your credibility as a certified professional and may land you international jobs.

  • Cost

PSM is nothing but an advanced-level certification of CSM.  the cost is approximately the same as that of CSM. It is costly as these certifications are globally recognized and are offered by a certified body, Scrum.org. PSM is worth your time and money. It’s just a one-time payment, but once you get certified as a professional Scrum Master, you can work from anywhere around the world. The cost of the PSM Certification exam varies in different organizations. The PSM level 1 exam is the cheapest as compared to other levels. The most promising factor of PSM is that this certification is for a lifetime. No renewal is required as in the CSM certificate.

  • Training

When considering some important factors before choosing the professional Scrum Master certification, it must have hit your mind, the type of training provided. Well, research is what will benefit you with this idea. You can prepare for PSM certification yourself if your Scrum principles are clear. However, the training in PSM is highly advanced with top-level experts teaching you. Professionals in PSM training are the ones who are already expert Scrum Masters having quite an experience. They will make you well furnished with expert strategies that can be practically applied in managing teams and Scrum projects. 

The availability of professional trainers is also important. You must research hard to make sure enough trainees are there for guidance and doubt sessions. 


By considering the above factors, we have tried to make you aware, of how important it is to know what you want to pursue further. A clear understanding and adequate research are recommended before choosing PSM certification or even any other. You must be aware of how will this certification boost your career ahead and what clients demand. Since your time value, focus, and money all have to be equally involved, you need to make a correct decision.   

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