How To Fix Yahoo Mail Problems?

The number of Yahoo users is over a million, and that’s because of its services. It bestows them with excellent features, such as forwarding emails. Yet, Yahoo mail is also prone to several errors. As a result, many times yahoo mail not working troubles. It’s a common error but can hamper users’ productivity. There are various reasons why Yahoo email is not working, and thus, we will help you. We will provide the solutions for the yahoo error and technical help. 

 Let’s get started!

Why is Yahoo Email Not Working? (Causes And Symptoms)

In one sentence, your Yahoo mail has a technical issue with not working. But, there are various reasons behind causing yahoo email not working properly. Let’s learn here: 


  • Using an incorrect yahoo login password
  • The Yahoo website is under construction
  • You haven’t updated the Yahoo App to its latest version
  • Our system browser is outdated
  • Trying to attach an attachment larger than its capacity
  • Malware attack on your system
  • Third-party extensions restrict you from accessing the email
  • Corrupted caches or cookies saved on your browser


  • Fails to send and receive emails via yahoo.
  • Unable to log in to the yahoo account.
  • Missing email
  • The system isn’t working speedily. 

Let’s Resolve Yahoo Mail Not Working Problem

Now that you’re aware of the yahoo mail not working causes and symptoms, let’s resolve the issue. Hence, we have explained the steps here. Please read the instructions carefully. 

1. Login and Logout from your Yahoo Account

Let’s start by ensuring that the issue isn’t a technical glitch. For that, log in to the Yahoo mail account and then log out. 

When you apply this method, please remember the correct user id and password. That means that if you have created a Yahoo Mail account using another email address, enter the full email address. Furthermore, when entering the password, ensure it’s correct. 

2. Reset your Yahoo Mail Password

You may use this solution when you forget the password or find it suspicious. Besides that, changing your password frequently safeguards your account. It protects your email account from getting hacked or any other threat. 

Hence, use these steps when you wish to change the password: 

  • Firstly, log in to your Yahoo account.
  • Now, enter your user name/email/mobile.
  • Tap next.
  • After that, move to the Account security page.
  • Select the Change Password tab from here.
  • Lastly, tap the continue button. 
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. 

We will advise you to create a strong password. Please note the password somewhere so you won’t have trouble logging in next time. 

Use these steps when you forget the password

You don’t have to panic, even if you forget the password. You can go to the Sign-in Helper page of Yahoo Mail. Here it will help you recover your account with the listed items. It may also ask you to share your email address or phone number. Once you do so, follow the onscreen instructions to recover the account quickly. 

3. Verify the server address and ports

Use the details mentioned here to cross-check the server address and ports. 

  • POP incoming mail server: 
    • Email address: “
    • Port number: 995.
    • SSL: Yes
  • IMAP incoming mail server: 
    • Email address: “
    • Port number: 993
    • SSL: Yes
  • SMTP incoming mail server: 
    • Email address: “
    • Port number: 995
    • SSL: Yes
  • NEWS server:

Bonus Tip: Eliminate Browser Extensions

Many users avoid the interruption created by add-ons and extensions. They may help you better perform. However, it may cause an error in using email services. Thus, we will recommend you temporarily disable the extensions and add-ons and see if that resolves the problem. 

Closing Remark!

We hope your query about Yahoo Mail not working is resolved with these solutions. If you encounter an issue in the future, you can re-apply these solutions. However, if you get stuck at any step or need more help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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