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Most men dislike talking about their erectile problems, but this problem is quite common among them. Those impacted with it lack the stamina and the energy to acquire and sustain an erection long enough for healthy intercourse. As per a study, 5 % of males above the age of 40 and 15 to 25% above the age of 65 have erectile dysfunction. 

Males suffering from ED struggle to get erection at any time. Some who do manage to get erect remain deprived of a healthy intercourse. And lastly, there are some males who manage to acquire a short lived erection that don’t last long and leads to incomplete intercourse.

 Common medical issues that can contribute to erectile dysfunction include:

  •  Hardening of the arteries
  • Neurological disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Low testosterone levels and 
  • Diabetes

 You must talk to your health care professional regarding how to manage these issues.

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Is ED associated with Aging?

As compared to younger men, elderly males need sexual stimulation such as stroking or touching to get erect. Only those with good health are able to get an erection for lovemaking. ED mainly occurs due to the restricted flow of blood to the male organ. Hence, all males with erectile problems must be diagnosed for cardiovascular fitness, prostate problems or diabetes as well. 

Having sex at 25 is different from having it at the age of 65. Experts on sexual dysfunction issues are of the opinion that “erectile dysfunction is not a normal part of ageing. They believe that men must be able to have a satisfactory life as they age. If they are experiencing erectile problems, then they must reveal their correct medical condition to a physician prior to its use. Physicians usually prescribe Super Kamagra 160 mg tablets to males to regain their erectile strength and relish a fun filled copulation.

 Lifestyle changes to overcome ED and lead a normal life 

Avoid Smoking

Smoking hardens the arteries and constricts the blood vessels that are essential for a satisfactory copulation. Studies have shown that chain smokers are more prone to erectile problems than men who are non smokers. Some approaches for quitting include joining a smoke cessation program, trying a nicotine patch or gum. 

Stick to a healthy diet 

As per a recent research both obesity and high cholesterol levels are linked to the flaccid erection of males. An ideal diet for males must comprise of fresh servings of fruits and vegetables. Emphasis must be given on the use of Whole gains as well as on foods low in cholesterol and saturated fats. 

Alcohol should never be used as an aphrodisiac

Males must stay away from drinking extra pegs at night. They must remember that liquor is neither a libido enhancer nor an aphrodisiac. Overconsumption of liquor can interfere with the ability of the males to acquire and sustain an erection for mating session. Among elderly males, even occasional drinking can lead to erectile problems. Hence, alcohol must be used by males in moderation. Excess use of it can aggravate the issue and make problems worse.

Exercise daily 

Regular exercise for half an hour everyday will improve your overall health and libido. Exercise boosts the circulation of blood to the private parts of the males and improves their sexual performance. Daily exercise offers relief from stress, lowers BP, builds up your stamina and helps you to feel better. 

Regulate your anxiety and stress levels

Both anxiety and stress are common causes of poor erection among males. Both these problems make men depressed and leads to loss of libido. Unrealistic goals and expectations, poor communication with your partner, family or work related issues and bad experience with intercourse can make men weak during the intimate act. All these feelings must come out in the open and be dealt with.

Different ways to overcome erectile troubles

Treatment for ED depends on the underlying cause of the condition. For best results, it is advisable to consult a health care professional to get appropriate treatment conditions which may include:

1. Counseling

Counseling of the couples is essential to enhance mutual understanding and personal bonding. It will allow couples to feel more comfortable during an intimate act. However, if counseling doesn’t show results, then you must get in touch with a qualified psychiatrist.

2 Surgeries

Penile implants or surgeries can repair damaged blood vessels and restore the normal flow of blood to the male genitalia, thereby offering males a chance to relish a satisfactory love making act.

3 Vacuum devices

A penis pump or a vacuum constriction device can assist males to acquire an erection by easing the flow of blood to their male organ. This device is made up of plastic tube, pump and elastic ring. 

4.  Medications 

 Medications are the best pharmacological solution to overcome ED and lead a healthy conjugal life. Medications which target ED and boost the flow of blood to the male organ include:

  • Sildenafil Citrate (popular brands include Viagra, Kamagra UK, Aurogra and Silagra.
  • Tadalafil ( merchandised under the trade name of  Cialis and Apcalis oral Jelly)
  • Vardenafil popularly sold as Levitra

All these medications must be taken under the supervision of a doctor and as per the prescribed dose. Don’t over consume or change the medicines without the approval of your doctor. 

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