Why More and More Travelers are Preferring to Take the Bus

Take the Bus

Have you been wondering why so many of your friends are taking bus trips over flying? Well, the reasons are not far to seek.

They are a cheap way to travel, much more inexpensive than taking a plane or even a train or car. If you are on a budget, you’ll love saving all that money!

Then there is the stress. It is a well-known fact that there are lots of anxieties related to flying. Not reaching the airport on time, waiting endlessly in queues, undergoing invasive checks by security personnel, and sitting for hours altogether in tiny, cramped seats – not to mention the truly dreadful airline food. The list is almost endless. On a bus, all you have to do is get in, sit down, and look out the window!

The biggest benefit perhaps is the fact that you definitely see more of a place when you take ‘bus trips near me’.

When you are looking out for long periods of time, you’ll find yourself checking out the topography, scenery, and people of all the places you pass through. This is surely a far more intimate manner of seeing a destination and by the time you reach it, you feel as if you know the place already.

For many of us, the route is almost as much fun as the destination itself. You feel a certain connection with the journey with its unseen landscapes and are able to take unusual and unexpected pictures. Sometimes, you are able to meet people you’d have never met had you flown to the place or experienced completely novel stuff. In fact, many solo travelers say that taking the bus helped them to discover their own selves. They felt like they were a part of the world around them and it unfolded as the bus chugged along.

Then there is the shopping. Along the route, you may stumble across local options that add a whole new level of depth to your shopping. These could be totally unique items that exhibit unbeatable charm and flair.

Quaint American Towns

If you have heard of bus trips in West Virginia, you are in for a treat! This gorgeous small town in America is a really fun place to visit – whether you are alone or with family.

There is so much to do here! You certainly can’t miss dipping your toes, or the whole body, in the Dreamland Pool. This huge pool is 250 by 125 feet – almost as big as a football field! In earlier times, this was the largest swimming pool east of the Mississippi River in America.

A super fun attraction to see here is the Pumpkin House. Built in 1891, this Victorian home is famous for its Halloween decorations that include three thousand plus hand-made Jack-o-Lanterns! This house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and any bus tours in Kenova, WV, are certainly incomplete without a visit here.

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