What  Are The Most  Followed  Hashtags  On LinkedIn

Hashtags are a great way of reaching an audience beyond your direct connections on LinkedIn. When used properly, hashtags can unlock more opportunities for your Linkedin profile.

Generally, hashtags not only help in getting your content in front of a wider scope of the audience but also, improve SEO, use topics and trends to your advantage and target a particular group of people.

Therefore if you are wondering how to raise awareness for your brand on LinkedIn, its high time you consider using the right hashtags. When you use hashtags, your post is likely to appear on the page for that hashtag.

However, hashtags are important for linkedin since they help your content to be found by the right people.In that regard, using hashtags not only helps in generating the right traffic for your content but also boosts views, shares, and likes.

Additionally, using hashtags is a powerful strategy that you can use to improve engagement on your LinkedIn profile. This not only plays an important role in building a community around your brand but also reaches a wider scope of audience. Doing so encourages your customers to connect with customers and interact with your brand.

While there are tons of hashtags that you can leverage to grow your audience on LinkedIn,not all can add value to your brand. As such,you should identify hashtags that not only resonate with your brand but also stay abreast with trending hashtags. This not only makes it easy for people to identify your brand among others but also generates more Linkedin followers.

If you are wondering about the effect of choosing the right hashtags for your Linkedin profile, here are details about the most followed hashtags that you need to know.

#india 68 Million Followers

#india is ranked among the most followed hashtag on Linkedin.The hashtag is not only popular on LinkedIn but also across Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

#innovation 39 Million Followers

#innovation is another trending hashtag that has not only attracted dozens of followers on LinkedIn but also across other social media platforms. With many people looking for new trends in technology,#innovation has now become a popular hashtag in many countries around the world.

#management  36.2 Million Followers

Another notable hashtag on LinkedIn is #management. Ranked among the most popular hashtags on the platform in 2022, it continues to attract many people, especially those looking for management-related topics.

With many firms now grappling with leadership issues, the hashtag tends to offer an array of answers to management questions that top managers and the junior staff seem to be grappling with.

#humanresources 33.4 Million Followers

The human resource sector is undergoing acute transformation due to the changing work environment. Many entrepreneurs and HR  managers tend to look for HR topics on how to handle and solve various HR problems. As such, the #humanresoures hashtag has gained immense popularity on LinkedIn.

Being that LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, it is no surprise that the hashtag seems to attract the attention of many HR professionals.

#digitalmarketing 27.5 Million Followers

The digital marketing industry is transforming due to the ever-changing technological environment. As such, most brands are now looking for solutions to their digital marketing needs.

With digital marketing becoming a powerful venture for many businesses, many people are now turning to the internet to expand the scope of their audience. As such, #digitalmarketing hashtag has not only attracted followers on LinkedIn but also across other social networks.

#technology  26.4 Million Followers

The advent of technology has positively impacted many sectors around the world. In that regard, many people are now searching for new innovations that they can use to improve service delivery.

With many people turning to technology to solve various problems,it is no doubt that it has become a common trend in society. So far,#technology hashtag is widely used to help people access new technology-related topics and content on Linkedin and other platforms.

#creativity  25 Million Followers

The content creation industry is ballooning at an alarming rate. Many people are now investing time and effort in creativity to earn a living. In the ever-changing content creation industry, the push to outwit each other has given birth to many talents.

To spice up creativity, many people are now looking out at what other people are doing. As such,#creativity has become a popular hashtag on the linkedln platform.

#future 24.7 Million Followers

Another notable hashtag on the list is #future. Many people seem to be clueless about what they can do in the future. As such, people tend to search to get future-related topics.This has inspired a surge in the number of followers on the hashtag.

#enterprenuership Followers

Entrepreneurship is another popular hashtag that has earned tons of followers on linkedin. With many people looking for ways they can sharpen their entrepreneurial skills, the hashtag seems to have attracted the interest of many people.

Today,the #enterprenuership hashtag is ranked among the most popular hashtags on linkedln commanding slightly over 23 Million followers.For those looking for ways they can sharpen their entrepreneurship skills,the hashtag comes in handy. This is attributed to the large number of people looking for ways they can improve their businesses.

#Careers 22.4 Million Followers

The #careers hashtag on linkedin seems to have attracted tons of followers.This is attributed to the high number of professionals using the platform to look for job opportunities. In addition to job opportunities, the #careers hashtag seems to have attracted the interest of professionals looking for career-related topics.

Therefore if you are looking for a hashtag that best addresses career-related issues then #careers seems to be a perfect choice.

#startups 21.4 Million  Followers

With many startups hitting the market every day, many people tend to check out startup-related topics to find out what other people are doing.This has contributed to the high number of followers associated with the #startups hashtag.

As job marketing continues to be clouded with uncertainty, many people are rolling out start-ups to supplement their income. In that regard, the #start ups hashtag seems to be attracting tons of followers each day.

#marketing 20.3 Million Followers

The marketing environment has become challenging especially with the advent of digital marketing technology. People are always searching for marketing-related topics to spice up their marketing strategy.

With the #marketing hashtag at play, it is becoming apparent that the hashtag seems a perfect search solution for many brands and marketers.


Even  though hashtags  are a powerful  trick you can use to  make your contend  discoverable on linkedln,it is important to note that they keep changing.This is because new hashtags are coming up each day making it difficult to have an accurate account of the best hashtags that you can use on your linkedln profile.

Unlike Instagram that encourages users to use over 30 hashtags on a single post,linkedln mainly supports the use of atleast 5 targeted posts on every post.This allows your posts to be more targeted and helps you target a larger audience.

If you are unsure on the right hashtags that you can use on your linkedln profile,you can easily search for your preferred hashtag on the  linkedlns top right corner.All you need is type in a symbol  followed by the phrase you are interested in.This will give you a list of related options.

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