The Truth About Side Effects of Kratom

Side Effects of Kratom

One of the side effects of kratom that is making news is digestive trouble. People feel stomach pain after taking kratom. They may also get diarrhea, constipation, dizziness, or headache, along with the pain. This can happen to anybody using kratom.

Side effects playing spoilsport in kratom consumption

Kratom in Alabama has huge takers, yet the side effects make many new users apprehensive of using this herb.

Is kratom really bad?

Many people believe kratom is bad due to the side effects it produces. That’s not true. According to experts, it’s not just kratom that produces side effects. Many other botanicals do so.

Why a user may get the side effects

Firstly, kratom is not for recreation. It is a herbal remedy for low energy, pains, insomnia, anxiety, and such everyday problems. It’s common to get some discomfort with herbal remedies. That doesn’t mean they won’t work. The side effects are just your body’s way of adjusting to this new herb.

Usually, new users experience this discomfort. As your digestive system adapts to the herb, the side effects appease. Make sure you have pure kratom with you. Search for “kratom shop near me” and buy only from licensed vendors in your area.


There is a difference between getting side effects due to overdose and using the herb for the first time.

Overdosing on any botanical is dangerous. Experts strongly recommend avoiding an overdose, even if you feel great after taking kratom.

Do you know in most cases, side effects are due to overdose?

Overdosing does not only mean taking huge amounts of kratom. For a new user, even 2 grams can be an overdose!

You must start with a very small dose, 1 gram or even less. Say, if you are taking kratom capsules, take just one capsule. Usually, one capsule contains less than 1 gram of kratom.

Choice of strain

White kratom is nevertheless strong. If you took a white kratom dose and got stomach pain, you might want to change the strain. Switch to green kratom, which is milder.

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Points to remember while taking kratom

  • Do not use kratom with drugs, medication, and alcohol. It can prove to be a dangerous, sometimes lethal, combination.
  • Do not abuse kratom. According to Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), abusing kratom can be dangerous to health. Abusing kratom is like abusing drugs.
  • Have gaps in between kratom usage. Go kratom free a few days or, better, take kratom alternate days. This applies even when you are taking kratom for recovery categories.

When kratom does not suit you

Stop using kratom when you get side effects. Let your digestive system heal itself and then use the herb again.

If you find that taking kratom even in a minuscule dose gives you the side effects, take it with a light meal. Avoid taking it on an empty stomach. If you still get side effects, then probably this herb does not suit you. Avoid taking it completely. Find some other herb.

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