With the continuous advancement in technology, multiple sectors of the economy have experienced various changes. Companies have noticed great growth and have expanded their services through digitalization. 

Before digitalization, conference calls were seen as an admin hosting a pool of people on a single phone call to carry out important discussions. It was beneficial as it reduced the cost of traveling for meetings, but it also lacked the touch of personal meetings as it was in an audio format. This, however, has been sorted out since the emergence and advancement of digital media. Two-way video conferencing has been the perfect option for conference calls in carrying out meetings online. But what exactly is two-way video conferencing?

What is 2-way Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is a live video conference letting people attend online meetings at different locations. It’s more stressful and risky traveling every week, that’s if not twice per week, for important meetings. A two-way video conferencing allows people to conduct a meeting online via video-enabled devices. It allows people to interact and discuss pressing issues in real time via videos, presentations, chats, etc.

In our world today, companies utilize the benefits of two-way video conferencing services to carry out various internal communications and external meetings for a good level of productivity.

Why do Most Companies Prefer Video Conferencing?

Since its inception, the world of live video conferencing has noticed a significant increase in users as most businesses are looking for a two-way video conferencing service provider.

Recently, it’s more of a priority for organizations to carry out a meeting online, making two-way video conferencing an important tool. Two-way video conferencing enables business mates to communicate with each other without any need to travel from one place to another for meetings. This helps save time and money while boosting the authenticity of collaboration between customers and employees. 

Things To Note When Video Conferencing

When talking about two-way video conferencing, certain details need to be considered. 

  • Always ensure you use a headset during a two-way live video conferencing. This will help make the audio a bit audible and clear. It’ll also get rid of distracting echoes, giving a clearer sound.
  • In addition, it’s advisable to use proper lighting when going in for a video conference call. Try to avoid window backdrops, as it’ll have an adverse effect on your video quality, giving off a silhouette effect during the call. To prevent this, always sit with your back on the wall.
  • In a situation where everywhere is noisy, try muting the audio when no one is talking to help reduce the background noise. 
  • Also, when conducting a meeting through a two-way conference call, you can choose to record the meeting for good results to watch later. 

All these things will help provide efficient results while having a two-way conference video call. Also, note that you’ll require a strong internet connection to make the call go smoothly. You won’t understand anything from the call if the network is unstable.

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