Republicans have attacked Democrats on inflation this year.Some conservatives fear it may not be enough to win in November

“Abortion is proving to be a far more exciting problem for Democratic voters than inflation for Republican voters,” said conservative commentator and campaign consultant Ryan Gildusky. is that suburbs win because they care about their wallets, but try to provoke them with the fact that they pay an extra quarter for bacon? I won’t.”

A new Marist poll released Thursday found that the percentage of Americans who named inflation as the biggest voting issue of the cycle dropped 7 percentage points from July (30%), but the same poll also found The issue remains a major overall concern.

Others noted that access to abortion has become a motivational issue for Democrats and independent voters, with many Republicans i had a hard time messaging Ever since the Supreme Court ended federal abortion rights in a June ruling, we must not shy away from the issue, even as we try to capitalize on other cultural flashpoints.Last month, Kansas voters overwhelmingly rejected the amendment to state constitutions that would have allowed state legislators to further restrict access to abortion. This development energized many Democrats, who subsequently turned abortion into a campaign top priority.

Gender identity, critical racial theory, and criminal justice reform are some of the issues conservatives hope the Republican candidate will weave into their ads and stump speeches.

“It’s too narrow a focus to be the same mother who fills up her gas tank as a mother who cares about her child’s school and makes sure it doesn’t contain CRT[Critical Race Theory]. It would be rash to think that no, because of her children’s curriculum. Anderson said two “veteran” Republicans fighting for reelection in this cycle, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, face a wide range of economic and social problems. He said he should be a model for other Republican candidates.

Tensions between conservatives, who want a deeper focus on cultural issues, and Republicans who see economic issues as a dominant theme, as the Republican Party grapples with internal strife in other areas, are likely to cause the Republican Party to Candidate capabilities, methods and party heavyweights in key Senate and gubernatorial contests are choosing to spend money and how closely campaigns need to work together Former President Donald Trump — Especially since he faces intense legal scrutiny over keeping confidential records after he leaves office.

“Go ahead and add this to your pile,” said a Republican strategist who requested anonymity because he’s been involved in several races in this cycle. disagree on where to invest [campaign cash], and instead of hashing these things out behind closed doors, we’re bickering about it in public. ”

But some conservatives say the party’s message is the most pressing issue, as Republican candidates and outside groups are on the verge of spending aggressively on advertising. Republicans want to stay in a position to retake the House and possibly the Senate this fall.

A Senate campaign aide, who requested anonymity to speak candidly, said, “Our closing remarks must be compelling enough to make Republicans want to vote. ‘That’s economic stupidity.’ no longer fits into that category.

spending on counter-messages

So a maintenance group has started handling the issue on its own.

Dark-money civic group Citizens for Sanity pledges to spend millions of dollars this cycle to deliver anti-messages to voters on the internet and airwaves warning them of the so-called awakening in education, business and politics. Did. The group launched a series of provocative radio, television, billboard, and newspaper advertisements that stand in stark contrast to the Republican Party’s broader economic-themed messages. A person familiar with the matter said the group has already spent seven figures in this cycle, between its advocacy and advertising.

One of the group’s recent ads, which amassed more than two million views on Twitter in less than a week, featured 90 seconds of gruesome local news reports and surveillance depicting violent crime incidents across the country. It’s a video montage. The ad, among other allegations, accuses “awake far-left politicians” of enabling “attacks on public safety.”

Republican groups aim to boost spending on Senate elections after missed summer
Another ad launched Tuesday by the Senate Leadership Fund, PAC affiliated with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, which takes a more traditional approach to the same problem, uses the words of Pennsylvania Democratic Senator hopeful John Fetterman himself to portray him as crime-friendly. In this 30-second spot of his, Fetterman talks as chairman of the Pennsylvania Amnesty Commission about his efforts to end automatic life sentences without parole for individuals convicted of second-degree murder. A video footage from 2 years ago was featured.

“Advertisements, especially about crime, run in the race that makes the most sense,” said an SLF official, adding that “generally speaking, economic concerns tend to be the most important issues.” added.

Citizens of Sanity strategic adviser Ian Prior said the group wanted to take advantage of what he described as a “massive realignment” in the current political climate. The group has already spent about $670,000 on advertising since August, according to AdImpact data, and this week it focused on crime, “woke madness,” and gender ideology in Washington, Texas, and Arizona. to initiate a new ad purchase of $600,000. Confirmed with CNN. As Republicans seek to sustain the recent surge in Hispanic support, the group is “aggressively sending the message” even in Latino-dominated markets, Pryor added, having previously worked in Texas, Arizona and New York. In Colorado, Mexico, we launched an ad about transgender athletes participating in men and sports. women’s sports league.

“Latinas are fleeing the political left over the adoption of ‘awake’ policies, an agenda crafted by wealthy white privileged coastal liberals,” Pryor claimed in a statement. (Previous CNN analysis found a five-point shift in popular vote preference among Hispanics toward the Republican Party, while a recent Pew Research Center survey found that 56% of Hispanics Turns out I’m against ending federal abortion rights, come November).


So far, efforts to keep Republican candidates and campaigns away from economic issues and toward cultural topics have been outside party consensus.

By the end of July, Republicans had spent more than $40.6 million on television ads that mentioned inflation since the beginning of the year, according to data firm AdImpact. I admit that I think the issue is most important to voters in this cycle.

In mid-August, conservative radio host Eric Erickson said on a podcast that “inflation is the only thing that matters to the public. At the end of the day, people take their pocketbooks and vote.”

SLF officials, who aren’t authorized to speak publicly, have repeatedly shown that inflation ranks highest among voters’ concerns in Republican internal polls, but it’s clear that Republicans have outstripped inflation. He said that sometimes it is necessary to provide a mixed message that focuses on both crime and immigration. Officials said they’ve seen no evidence that wedge issues like gender ideology resonate with a wide range of voters.

Why the 2022 Midterm Elections Are So Unique

“Inflation is on the rise across most demographics and income groups. Everyone fills up their gas tanks, goes to the grocery store and sees these price increases impacting their budgets in real time.” Officials said the Republican “buffet of messages” could work in the party’s favor during this cycle.

“There may be races that talk almost exclusively about one or the other (inflation or crime or immigration) or talk about both,” the official said.

Even conservatives who have urged candidates to talk more about cultural issues said such messages should be balanced with proposals to combat economic problems.

“My advice to candidates is to do both at the same time. Draw a contrast with the Left and run with a winning platform that really shows voters what you care about,” Anderson said. “I think Republicans have done this, but we need to do much more in the next 60 days.”

a Before Biden’s Golden Hour Speech By House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy last Thursday, the president denounced The “extremist” MAGA Republican who accused his predecessor of being a threat to democracy could provide one roadmap for candidates, campaigns, and conservative outside groups There is an intermediate race. The California Republican, who wants to become Speaker if the Republicans win control of the House, has repeatedly criticized the incumbent administration over gas and energy costs and littered his remarks with references to the economy. However, he called Biden and the Democrats “American democracy” in their policies.

“Is it morally right that our children were forced to stay home from school while politicians went out to eat? Do you think it’s fair, President Biden, when he’s allowed to do that?” McCarthy said, lamenting “historic inflation” and “daily violence against innocent Americans” at the same time.


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