Yeah! Merriam-Webster adds “baller”, “cringe” and “pumpkin spice” to the dictionary

It usually takes years for such slang to appear in reference books, but according to Merriam-Webster, it’s just following the Internet’s precedent. , a made-up word. Read on for definitions and usage. Level up your speaking skills.

Some of the words Merriam-Webster adds have certainly been in common use for over a decade. Zooey Deschanel says,cuteWhen she began appearing on the sitcom New Girl, “Junkie” was, at least in this author’s experience, a favorite descriptor among middle and high school students for years.
and,”macgyver‘ is a verb for fixing something with what’s at hand, like the famous hero in the 1985 TV series. Better late, Merriam-Webster?

Here are some of the new slang terms found in Merriam-Webster (definition courtesy of the dictionary) and examples. I am sick of Because you misused these words.

Yeet (First Name): Expression of surprise, approval, excited enthusiasm.

Yuan. : Can I eat the cookies you baked before dinner? Yeah!

Yeet (v.) To throw with all your strength without worrying about what you throw.

Yuan. : I threw the failed quiz in the trash.

junkie (adjective): Very poor quality or not working properly.

Yuan. : Junky computers like to reboot in the middle of a Zoom meeting.

sass (adjective): short for doubtful or questionable.

Yuan. : Isn’t it a little suspicious that you’ve never seen Peter Parker and Spider-Man in the same place?

Lewk (First name): A fashionable look that is unique to the wearer and noticeable and memorable to others.

Yuan. : ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’ contestant Bimini Bon Bourash hit the runway when she took to the runway in a Vivienne Westwood-inspired bridal corset.

Pwn (vs.): Dominate and beat. Pronounced like “myself”.

Yuan. : You overwhelmed your opponent in yesterday’s epic game of tag.

baller (adjective): outstanding, exciting, or extraordinary, especially in a way that suggests a luxurious lifestyle.

Yuan. : Thank you very much for sharing your lottery winnings with us.

Other odds and endings

Although these words are not considered slang, they have never been accepted into Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. How often do you say it? — But they are at least important enough to be included in online reference books.

Hoglett (n.): Hedgehog baby.

Yuan. : I need to cuddle up to that hoglet before its needle is sharp.

pumpkin spice (noun): A blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and allspice commonly used in pumpkin pie.

Yuan. : Pumpkin Spice Latte, once a fall delicacy, has been on the menu since the end of summer.

larp (noun): short for live action roleplay, a game in which players recreate fantasy scenarios.

Yuan.: I twisted my ankle during a LARP session where I pantomimed myself into combat on horseback.

Level Up (v.): to advance and improve yourself as if you were playing a game.

Yuan. : In her song “Level Up,” Ciara implores us all to let go of the hate that holds us back and instead explore our full potential.

metaverse (n.): A virtual environment that allows users to access multiple virtual realities.

Yuan. : In the Metaverse, all you have to do is buy digital clothes for your avatar and talk to other users.


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