Travel news: Stormy weather, cliffside hotels, UK spotlight

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(CNN) — This week’s travel roundup brings you tales of lightning strikes, iridescent ice caves, clifftop hotels, and romance.

And in the UK, ceremonial events are scheduled leading up to the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Are you traveling to the UK to witness a historic event? Overlapping? Email us at and tell us about your plans.

wild world

Extreme weather has continued this year, and experts believe climate change could also affect air travel. Clear-air turbulence, the most severe and sudden type of turbulence, is expected to increase in the coming decades. this is the reason.
As the name suggests, you can’t see turbulence in clear skies, but the 2022 Weather Photographer Contest will showcase the best images of visible phenomena, from icy landscapes to sublime sunsets.of short squirrelt is revealed.
A beautiful video recently captured in an ice cave in Washington State captures a rare rainbow dancing along the walls and ceiling of the cave.look gorgeous picture here.rainbow too appeared in the UK on Thursday After the Queen’s death was announced.
Lightning strikes look great on camera, but you want to avoid are our tips avoid lightning strikes.

spectacular hotel

Design and architecture magazine Dezeen released its 2022 award shortlist this week. Stylishly designed hotel and spa Awarded this year.
Of course, a truly great hotel isn’t just about the building. The location too he should be 5 star. A high perch never hurts.Here is our summary World’s best clifftop hotel.
Vietnam is one of Asia’s top destinations for a luxury vacation at the best value. With the relaxation of arrival rules for international travelers, it’s a good time to plan your are 8 of the countries top new hotel.

love is all you need

Ida Skibenes and Hanna Aardal were colleagues and best friends.But when a Norwegian friend happens to be assigned a hotel room together on a company vacation, their relationship turns blossomed into romance.
In another travel love story, American Libby Green and German-born Marcel Gnauk met on the promenade of the French city of Nice. Currently, they have a career that travels around the world, record the sounds you encounter.
Frankfurt couple Robin Lahein and Judith Schneider are flying around the world to recreate famous movie sceneIncluding moments from “Thelma and Louise,” “Forrest Gump,” and “La La Land.”
Sadly, the one place they can no longer visit is the resort’s real-life inspiration. In “Dirty Dancing”.Legendary Grossingers Catskill Resort Hotel burnt down last month.

eat, drink and enjoy

How far would you travel for really good pastries? How about 870 miles by bike? This is what one Belgian foodie did when she set out on her two-week trip to Nice. A very special buttery feast.
Fans of Netflix’s hit “Stranger Things” also make a pilgrimage to the Shibuya district of Tokyo, pop-up cafe Dedicated to the show. It closes at the end of the year, so hurry up before the gate closes.
If sci-fi is more your thing, a new army of smart robots serve coffee and act as bellboys in Hong Kong.this is what they The future of hospitality.
And YouTube star Mr. Beast wreaked havoc at a mall in New Jersey when crowds flooded the building to open his first brick-and-mortar burger joint. see here.

lesser known italy

If you want to avoid the crowds of Rome or Venice, visit some of Italy’s lesser-known and beautiful villages.It is here 8 bright spots Explore.

For those who missed

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan will reopen to tourists on September 23.

Anthony Bourdain visited Buddhist land in 2018 with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky.Relive their journey at “Parts Missing” Podcast.

More than 200,000 flights take off and land on average every day around the world.

And the Flightradar24 website tracks them all in real time.How Airplane Spotting Became One He of the Internet hottest hobby.

Stunning new 8K video footage shows the Titanic like never before.

The highest possible screen resolution reveals new details and colors. look here.

After returning from a trip, getting back into the daily grind can be exhausting.

folding luggage

Suitcases are useful about 10% of the time, but the rest of the time they are goliaths taking up closet space. What if they could squat down a bit?

Our partners at CNN Underscored, a CNN-owned product review and recommendation guide, have tried some of the foldable luggage they claim are the thinnest in the world. See their review here.


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