Opinion: Darling, we really want to worry, not just what you think

How did you get so appetizing? i have a theory. In the UK, where I live, during the summer months when schools are closed and parliament is in recess, it’s called “”.summer dryNow, here and everywhere else, silly season is a thing of the past. Cataclysmic headlines are routine, and no rights or pleasures seem guaranteed. And the future is ominous and uncertain. It’s always winter, not the stupid season – and its absence has left a void that demands to be filled with nonsense.
For those who can’t keep up rolling spectacle, here’s the gist. “Don’t Worry, Darling” (distributor Warner Bros. Pictures is owned by her CNN parent company and hits theaters September 23) is a thriller directed by Olivia Wilde and starring Academy Award nominee Florence Pugh. is. Zeitgeist singer and prince Harry Styles. The film’s original male protagonist, Shia Lubouf, left the project in 2019 and was replaced by Stiles, who is still holding hands with Wilde in January 2021.
By August of this year, speculation of a feud between Pugh and Wilde was gaining momentum, with rumors that Wilde’s attention on set was diverted by the presence of apparently lover Styles. Wilde’s public account of the incident completely contradicted the screenshot LeBeouf shared, which appeared to show Wilde pleading with him to return and derogatoryly calling Pugh “Miss Flo.” . Pugh then showed up to the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival later than the rest of the cast. spat Co-star Chris Pine raps. CNN reached out to representatives of all actors for comment.Pine representative told people“Let’s be clear, Harry Styles didn’t spit on Chris Pine. There’s nothing but respect between these two men. Other than that, the suggestion is simply let’s create drama that doesn’t exist.” It is a blatant attempt to
Any element of this story stripped of its essence isn’t a big deal. The twist in it is neither uniquely sensational nor irresistibly funny.If we’re being honest with ourselves, the exact trajectory of Stiles’ saliva isn’t quite as seismic as it deserves the whole think apart Dedicated to it. But last week, we saw people who never paid any attention to celebrity news, poring over the details, proclaiming which political party they supported, and focusing and speculating on possible next moves. I came. grandson I would be proud. At first glance, the fuss is silly, but given the context, it makes perfect sense.
The human brain is so capable of processing important and consequential information that it has been saturated with major news events in recent years, hence the term “unprecedented” punctuation. For decades, the suffix “gate” has been attached to prominent political scandals. This is because Watergate remained the standard by which all subsequent violations were measured. And in 2016, real estate heiress, former TV host, again and again Donald Trump, who filed the lawsuit, was elected president, event It then shattered the ceiling (or rather, the floor) of what was believed possible in modern American politics.

Added to this, the world as we know it has been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, removing much of the human contact and practical antics that would normally have been a distraction from the news cycle. While I was meeting chaste social distancing walks with friends and even craving the smell of scapegoat hijinks, I had a status report about our dreaded mental health and “Real Housewives” bingeing. Months later, the scars of the lockdown that left so many relationships still lingered, and the low-risk gossip that brightened our lives was almost in short supply. doing.

Our intimate lives aside, the volume and urgency of daily news remains a constant deafening scream, even after the pandemic has been put on the backburner. in the UK, cost of living crisis It is pushing millions of people into extreme poverty. monarch who has reigned since the regime of Winston Churchill. meaning With Roe’s reversal, life itself is at stake, gun violence It’s happening fast enough to twist your heart and churning your stomach.
It’s clearly impossible to come to terms in a productive and morally sound way, and right and wrong of all options are tearing families, friendships, and neighborhoods apart. heat wave, Russian war in Ukraine, melting ice cap and election conspiracy It vies for the top spot on news homepages every morning, and every element of every article offers a potential source of discord and heartbreak.

We might have expected some light relief, or at least mediocre, in between generation-defining tales, but over the past few years, one without an event could comfortably fill an entire semester of history class. From the virus that shut us in, to the agonizing debates over abortion and guns, the nature of these stories makes even our everyday life less joyful and playful than it used to be. I’m here.

We are designed to keep scrolling, and we consume more information than ever before, but we cannot live on disaster alone. For years we have been hungry to talk about lightness, foam, something that leaves no faint material trace in our lives. Don’t worry, darling. Not everything has to be so important.

Source: www.cnn.com

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