Neighbors in the North Kingwood Forest lot reached out to Action 13 to clean up the junk from the dead woman’s yard

Kingwood, Texas (KTRK) — As neighbors frustrated with Kingwood’s heap of belongings and wanted answers, the homeowner said the contents of the woman’s house were dumped on the front lawn and no one would pick them up until Thursday. I contacted Action 13.

ABC13 were on site in the yard of the house on the North Kingwood Forest lot that was finally cleared. For the past seven days, it has been a mountain of mystery to those who live in the area. Her family told us she passed away.

“I hope her family gets some answers,” said neighbor Leslie Fontenet.

For a week, people around North Kingwood Forest drove and walked by the pile of rubbish.

One neighbor emailed Houston’s disaster relief team asking why the mountain was there and when someone was trying to clean it up.

Sterling Associates, the homeowners association group that manages the neighborhood, told ABC13 it couldn’t give details about homeowners’ homes or issues involving homeowners. The District Constable’s Office has been in contact with the homeowner and has confirmed that the person who owns the home now is responsible for cleaning up afterward.

The woman’s family spoke to ABC13 by phone on Thursday but, out of respect for their wishes, did not provide any details about what happened to her mother.

The family echoed how some neighbors feel. They said she deserved better than having her things thrown to the side, and neighbors were quiet online until the cleanup began on Thursday.

“Facebook, neighborhood page. What the hell happened, why did they do this to her? Why didn’t she call for help? Why didn’t someone clean it up?” Fonte Net said.

It’s technically under Harris County jurisdiction, but the Montgomery County line is down the street. The Houston Police Department handles criminal cases in this area.

The neighbor said that was why he didn’t know who to reach out to. The woman’s family does not live in Texas, but she was delighted to learn that her mother’s belongings had finally been recovered.

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