Mother of shot dead daughter sues Saginaw Co. 911

SAGINAW CO., MI (WNEM) – The mother whose daughter was shot has filed a lawsuit against the Saginaw County Central Dispatch.

Nala Wallace was murdered in Saginaw last July. Her mother says dispatchers played a role in her death.

DeAngela Wallace, Nara Wallace’s mother, said, “It hurts to know that she was lying there thinking someone was coming towards her.” He died alone, lying on the floor.”

D’Angela Wallace says she misses her daughter every day. She was shot dead on Burnham Street in Saginaw on July 5, 2021.

Wallace believes Saginaw County 911 officials were responsible for Nala’s death.

“If you were doing your job, everyone else would have had the option to do their job,” Wallace said. None of us had the choice to do our job right.”

Wallace is suing Saginaw County 911 for gross negligence. Wallace is represented by his Mastromarco Firm. Attorney Victor Mastromarco said his supervisor received his first 911 call at 4:25 a.m.

“He knew Nala had been shot,” Mastromarco said. “If he had coded it that way, the police would have arrived, and so would the paramedics.”

But Mastromarco said the phone was coded as shot and is a low priority.

“The police and medical personnel will not arrive,” Mastromarco said. “But even knowing that, he told the homeowner who informed him of the situation that the police were on their way.”

The homeowner called 911 again at 5:50 am, almost an hour and 25 minutes later.

911 call:

Dispatch: “Central Saginaw”

Homeowner: “Yeah, just called an hour ago and they said there was a gunshot outside the house and a girl banging on the door. , she was lying on my porch. [explicit] Are these cops!this is [explicit] Ridiculous! “

Dispatch: “What is your address?”

Landlord: “[explicit] Burnham. Black woman on my porch. I don’t know who she is. ”

Dispatch: “Is she breathing?”

Landlord: “I don’t know. I’m not going out there.”

Dispatch: “I’ll let the cops know. They’re in custody because they’re dealing with four other shootings right now. I’ll let them know. Yeah, they’re all tied up now. Her Let them know that is on your porch. All right. Thank you. Goodbye.”

Attorney Kevin Kelly said a vascular expert will testify in court that Nala could have survived had there been a quicker response.

“She was shot multiple times, most of which were not life-threatening,” Kelly said. “For one, it was ultimately the cause of her death. But experts explain that her chances of survival are very high if she receives proper treatment.” prize.”

Wallace is seeking compensatory damages against Saginaw County 911.

“Whatever happens, at the end of the day, I still don’t get what I want. That’s my baby,” Wallace said.

A spokesman for the Saginaw County 911 Authority said it had no comment.


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