Local doctor known for providing medical marijuana card charged with illegal drugs

st. LOUIS, Missouri (KMOV) – A local doctor known for providing his medical marijuana card is now facing illegal drug charges.

Dr. Zinnia Thomas is a licensed psychiatrist in Missouri, but earlier this month, police announced she was in illegal possession of large quantities of marijuana and ecstasy pills.

News 4 Investigates has previously met Dr. Zinnia Thomas. Her patient called her her Dr. Z.

In 2019, our crew went undercover when she went to Festus’ shop on a cannibus tour. KMOV employees filled out a form and although Dr. Z had not personally seen it, Dr. Z diagnosed one of her with a debilitating mental disorder and asked her to use medical marijuana on his card. qualified.

In fact, she did it for everyone who was there that day. Now, not only does she prescribe drugs as a doctor, she is also charged with illegal drug possession.

On September 1, troopers said they pulled Thomas in a black Bentley in Wayne County in southeastern Missouri. They say she had 256 cannabis cocktails. She also claims she had 10 capsules of a substance that was tested to be ecstasy in a neighboring county a few days ago.

She was put in jail and released. Her lawyers have already written in court documents that they plan to oppose her charges, claiming her drugs were illegally seized.

Confirmed by country. As of Friday, Thomas listed licensed practitioners with no current status in the field.

In a previous interview with News 4 Investigates, Thomas said: “Doctors make a lot of money.”

Her next court appearance is next month.

We will deliver the latest information.

Source: www.kmov.com

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