Methods to Change HP Printer Offline to Online on Windows 10

How can I change my HP Printer Offline to online on Windows 10? It can be frustrating if you’ve seen this error notice HP printer says offline. 

 But it doesn’t imply your printer is damaged. When you feel your HP Printer Offline, it is unable to communicate with the source of the print job. 

All print tasks should be put on hold until the issue is resolved since a printer that is offline cannot accept or process new print jobs. Stop sending print requests to your offline printer before reading our troubleshooting advice. You might have to postpone any print jobs you have waiting in the printer queue until you can connect again. Simply keep in mind to save your work so that you can print your items later.

How can I Change HP Printer which is Offline to Online on Windows 10?

These guidelines will cover a number of topics. Do not feel pressured to finish all the procedures if your issue has been handled. However, as the most superficial fixes are listed first and demand the most miniature work and technical expertise, it is much better to complete them in this sequence.

 Run HP Print and Scan 

  • Use the HP Print and Scan Doctor program to find and fix issues. You can access a unique version designed to address offline issues by clicking this link.
  • To start it, launch the HPPSdr.exe file from the download location and give it permission to run. To achieve this, you may need to go into administrator mode.
  • If prompted, choose Yes to acknowledge the file’s uploader because the HP technical support staff uploaded it.
  • Then select your printer by clicking Start.
  • Restart your printer if it is not listed, then select Retry in the Print and Scan Doctor program.
  • The potential connectivity issues will help rectify the application. If you are prompted to enable printer updates, simply follow the instructions and click Yes.
  • Did these guidelines assist you? It was successful if your printer’s status changed from “offline” to “online”. 

 Set the Default Printer

You might need to specify your preferred default printer manually. To follow this issue with Windows 10, adhere to these steps. Ensure that you have downloaded and installed every Windows 10 operating system update before you start.

  • Open Devices using the search bar or by telling Cortina too.
  • Click Printers & scanners.
  • Check if “Let Windows manage my default printer” is marked in the box. If essential, click the box to deselect it.
  • Select your printer from the provided list.
  • If your printer appears more times then pick the instance that displays an online or idle status.
  • Select Manage.
  • Click on Set as default.

Check your Connection

The printer may still appear to be offline for a variety of reasons, depending on how it is linked to your device. Make sure the USB cord is firmly inserted if you choose to connect using one. If the problem still exists, you might like to try a new USB cord.

  • To connect to your printer via a wireless network, follow the following actions:
  • After switching off your printer, you need to wait for ten seconds, then unplug the power cord to restart it.
  • Next, shut off your computer.
  • By attaching the printer’s power line to it, you can restart the printer.
  • It is important to disconnect your wireless router’s power cord.
  • You need to wait for 10 seconds before reconnecting it.
  • Your internet connection might not come back on right away.
  • When that happens, start your computer.
  • Use the HP Smart software or the HP wireless setup wizard to connect your printer to your network.
  • To check for any potential connectivity difficulties, print a wireless report.
  • Locate this report in your wireless menu or printer’s network settings.

Wrap Up

If issues persist, you might need to get in touch with the maker of your router or the network administrator. If you still can’t get your printer online after trying these procedures, contact the HP printer expert. Connection problems might be challenging to pinpoint after doing these methods.Follow the preceding instructions on how to Change HP Printer which is Offline to Online on Windows 10 until you find a solution every time you encounter an HP Printer Offline fix problem.

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