Bored of Your Regular Gear? Try the Custom Boxing Gloves for an Oomph.

Boxing Gloves

The boxing gloves are the most cherished piece of equipment that any boxer owns but it is very easy to get bored of the regular and plain colored gear. If you have a flashy personality and you like to express yourself through everything that you wear, a pair of custom boxing gloves is just what you need.

They will provide you with an extra kick of style and fashion that would not only grab the attention of the audience but also make a statement at your first ever tournament. With the passage of time, they will turn into a symbol of your personality. 

This blog will take you through the materials of the customized boxing gloves and some creative ideas for designing them. 

Materials Of The Custom Boxing Gloves

he materials used in glove production are essential for a good fight or practice session. The materials in the design must be carefully considered because they may make or break a sparring session for you. 

Many options are available when shopping for gloves online, from genuine leather to synthetic materials like neoprene and vinyl. According to popular belief, genuine leather provides more lifespan and is a superior material for gloves than any other material for long-term usage. 

Synthetic leathers, on the other hand, are typically far less expensive. If you have a moral problem adopting products crafted from animal skins, they make an excellent replacement for authentic leather personalized boxing gloves.

Here’s a quick and comprehensive list of all the materials used to make boxing gloves. Take a look and decide what’s best for you.

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are more expensive and require more maintenance to keep them looking good. However, they outlast all other materials used to manufacture the gloves when properly cared for. Real leather is usually sturdy, adjustable, and efficient at containing sweat and scents, which are common during a match. 

Cowhide leather is the best option because of its fluidity and grip. Even though goatskin is considerably less expensive than cowhide, both materials are still suitable regardless of price. Real leather is unquestionably the most suitable material for boxing gloves, which is widely acknowledged.

Synthetic Leather Gloves

Relatively less expensive than genuine leather, synthetic leather is easier to maintain. It does, however, quickly lose its charm. Although it appears and feels like real leather when used, the resilience is not the same. 

Custom boxing gloves are frequently made from this material and are specially intended for boxers at the beginning levels. Boxing gear made of synthetic leather will quickly smell terrible if used regularly and improperly cleaned. Heavyweight fighters or more contemporary competitors avoid purchasing synthetic leather gloves. 


Vinyl is a decent substitution if you are running tight on the budget and cannot pay for authentic leather gloves. 

Although the gloves made of vinyl or polyurethane leather are not durable and are prone to tearing in no time, it is an excellent choice for amateurs who lack financial backing when starting their careers. 

The advantage of vinyl gloves is that, compared to other materials, they are simpler to clean. There is no need to take the gloves to a professional cleaner for cleaning because the washing procedure is simple. 

Vinyl is an efficient choice of customized boxing gear for beginner-level boxers or training practitioners searching for a stylish pair of gloves. 

Make Your Personalized Boxing Gloves At Home

One of the easiest,most prominent and cheapest ways to upgrade your tedious boxing gloves is to paint them yourself. Since the gloves are manufactured of leather or synthetic materials, spray painting would work efficiently. 

When it comes to the designs,you can go for anything from animal patterns to abstract art designs or whatever suits your style. Ensure that the gloves showcase your personality and taste to the fullest. 

Painting your gloves on your own won’t be a huge hassle. You can stop paint from dripping into unsuitable areas by separating the top and bottom of the gloves with paper towels and masking tape. These custom boxing gloves can be used once again after drying them completely. 

Get Your Custom Boxing Gloves Professionally Designed

If you are not a crafty person and don’t like getting your hands dirty with the paints and colors, the best option is to buy the gear from a store that makes customized boxing gear.

There are a lot of online retailers today that customize your gloves as per your requirements, style, and taste. You can give your weight and style preferences to the retailers before buying the glove and they will ship it to you just like you ordered.

Whether you want a special logo, a memorable quote, your favorite boxer’s picture, or your initials on the glove, Fight Gear Custom is here to help you with it. They provide amazing personalization services for the boxing gear with different weight categories so you can order a glove that best suits you. 

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