19-year-old Minnesota bobcat receives stem cell treatment for chronic arthritis

Sandstone, Minnesota — A 19-year-old bobcat underwent stem cell therapy for chronic arthritis. wildcat sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota.

The Sanctuary announced Thursday that a bobcat named Baby Jenga Blue is believed to be the first bobcat in the world to receive this kind of treatment. Procedures were performed at the Sanctuary Veterinary Hospital.

“This is all thanks to Dr. Valerie Johnson, a veterinarian at Michigan State University,” Sanctuary said in a release. “Johnson cultured the stem cells in MSU’s lab.”

Stem cells were cultured using adipose tissue from healthy bobcats from the Sanctuary.

“Once the cells were ready for transplantation, they were sent to Sanctuary Veterinarian Dr. Joan Kamper. They were then injected into Baby Jenga’s wrist joint and, via an intravenous infusion, passed through his bloodstream. It helps all joints,” said the release.

Although it will take more than six weeks to see the full effect of the treatment, the reserve is optimistic that the treatment will bring “definitive relief” to the big cats.

Source: www.cbsnews.com

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