What Kind Of Wig Looks Most Natural?


To create an amazing new look with a wig is an art. People usually go for a wig when they are suffering from hair loss, hair thinning or alopecia or they just want to try a new appearance. No matter what the reason is, selecting the right wig which goes best with your face cut and also looks natural seems impossible.

The mix and match of your face size, shape, and wig size are the key aspects to choosing the right wig. Moreover, the quality of the wig has its importance as some wigs give you a perfectly natural look while others look like synthetic hairpieces. If you are searching for hair wigs shop in Islamabad then it is better to look for a professional hair restoration organization for expert advice.

Where some wigs are too uncomfortable to wear, others look noticeably artificial. Therefore, we will provide you with the key information to load up with before headings towards your wig hunt!

Below are some factors that will aid you to choose a wig that looks most natural:

Size of your wig:

To purchase the most natural-looking wig, you must determine the correct size of your wig. A wig either too large or too small will end up giving you an unnatural look. Similarly, a tight wig will cause sore spots on your head.

To determine the correct size of your head, start measuring your hairline beginning from your forehead, leading behind your ears, and around the nape of your neck.


Your face shape:

It is critical to choose a compatible wig style to gain a more natural look. If your wig doesn’t compliment your face shape then it will rather become obvious that you are wearing a wig. To attain a perfectly natural-looking style and minimize people’s suspicion, you need to determine your face shape.

To do that, stand in front-facing your mirror and pull your hair back. Look at your full face starting from your hairline and ending at your chin.

You will have one of the described below shapes and choose your wig accordingly.

1. Oval face

This face ship is the most versatile, uniform, and well proportioned. Any style of wig works equally well with this type of face shape and gives a perfectly natural look.

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2. Diamond face

A diamond face shape has a narrow forehead, pointed chin, and high cheekbones. To get a more natural look with this face shape you must select a wig with volume across your forehead to add more width to a narrow area.

Wigs with more layers and volume go best with this type of face shape.

3. Square face

This type of face shape needs an elongated hairline. To accomplish that you can a wig with longer cuts and bangs. Wigs with wispy bangs are perfect for this type of face cut.

4. Round face

People with this face shape have soft and round chins and hairlines. Their face is widest across cheeks and has a shorter length from forehead to chin. Long layered style wigs will give a perfect natural look for this face shape.

5. Heart face

People with this type of face shape have a wide forehead with a very narrow chin. Wigs styled with bangs and fringes will help them to disguise the width of their forehead.

6. Oblong face

These individuals have a straight and long faces and a square jawline. Wigs with waves, curls, or lots of layering will add an illusion of a fuller face and gives a perfect natural look for them.

7. Pear face

A wide round chin and narrow forehead are the characteristics of this type of face shape. A short, cropped style wig full of bangs with added volume is best for pear shaped face.

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