Police said two people were arrested after a “cache of illegal materials” for manufacturing Ghost Guns was recovered.

An investigation by the Rural Illegal Firearms Trafficking Team (RIFTT) found nearly 200 ghost gun frames, handgun slides, two assault weapons, rifles, firearm magazines, ammunition, and numerous parts and tools to make ghost guns. recovered. Los Angeles Police Department.

The Ghost Gun, an untraceable, self-assembled firearm often combined with parts sold online, was subject to new regulations announced by the Biden administration in April.

Under the new regulations, those who buy kits must undergo background checks, and those who sell kits must include serial numbers on the components that make up the weapon, so the final firearm can be traced.

RIFTT, which consists of the LAPD’s Gang and Narcotics Division (GND), Homeland Security Investigations, and the Los Angeles Airport Police, issued two search warrants Friday morning at addresses in San Pedro and Gardena, police said.

“The search warrant is the result of an investigation by RIFTT into an illegal attempt by a foreigner to export 11 ghost guns,” the LAPD said.

One of the arrested men was arrested for manufacturing assault weapons. The second was charged with violating a rule “that makes it generally unlawful for nonimmigrant aliens to ship or transport or possess in interstate or foreign commerce,” police said.

Source: www.cnn.com

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