Opinion: ‘SNL’ used to be unable to help satirizing Donald Trump. New season is no different

But I have to believe he’s just a little frustrated about the timing of the show’s 48th season premiere, which is likely to air in early October.

That former president also happened to be Donald Trump, as the FBI raided the former president’s home. subpoenas; boxes of evidence; acronyms; security footage; expired passports; EDIT; padlock basement. telepathic declassification; stacks of secret documents and unreturned library books; Instead, the show has to wait.

Of course, “SNL” never airs in the summer.

But this latest news is a historic one, both in the life of the country and in its comedic potential.

Trump is inevitable for “SNL,” and the show’s (and certainly Michaels’) some regrets. His presidency has spawned a great many self-parodies ( modified map of Hurricane Pass; effort to buy GreenlandHis words and deeds during his campaign, the election, and the early train wreck administrative period were endless, which “SNL” didn’t hesitate to tap into. provided fodder.
Just before the 2016 election, Trump sketches became frequent occupants of the show’s coveted “cold open.” Alec Baldwin Run larger-than-life Trumps (not easy with Donald Trump). evaluation Soaring and the show ruled Emmy Awards In 2017, Baldwin won the Trump job.
But years later, Trump was still raving about something every week (Russiagate, NATO, CNN, “SNL” itself), so the need to return to Trump over and over again was a testament to the show’s creativity. Baldwin’s extremely broad take on Trump began to feel almost uncomfortable to watch.Baldwin himself recently said that while the Trump impersonation didn’t work, he felt he rather gave him what he deserved. playing cards He continued to curse about “not funny” and “SNL”.
But then Michaels found james austin johnson, which captures the modern stream-of-consciousness playing cards, flitting from topic to topic mid-sentence. Indeed, Johnson has been drooling around the clock, waiting to return to the air to play Trump talking about the FBI raid.
I’ve never heard Michaels lament that he missed an event worthy of his show’s exciting skewer. He once told me that the show was equated with a parody of the presidential debates. (Think: “strategy(from 2013) he feels compelled to make sketches, even when they offer few easy-arguing comedic targets. was to emphasize Obama He must have been distracted as he performed surprisingly flat. Find out what makes it interesting.

At the document gates of Mar-a-Lago there must be no such struggle. A secret document at a beach hotel? The image instantly conjures up images of people in Hawaiian shirts and bikinis walking past a coffee table littered with sorted file folders and someone smashing a piñata filled with top secrets.

But all may not be lost. “SNL” has had little chance to enjoy a bloated presidential political convention so far. Because they mostly take place in midsummer and some great and funny moments were missed. Remember the 2012 Republican National Convention? clint eastwood I pretended to be the “invisible” Obama and decided to talk to the empty chair next to the podium.
It didn’t air until weeks after the event, but ‘SNL’ offered a hilariously creative take Bill Hadercounts Eastwood among his many impressions.

‘SNL’ may not succeed in recreating the raid on Mar-a-Lago until more than a month after the action, but someone on staff is already working on how to play catch-up. There is a possibility. This field is wide open. What do these documents actually say? Are there any guest towels still hidden poolside? Trump, how many new fanciful explanations can he come up with in a month?

Of course, something new and even more bonkers could be in the news before the new season begins. But I’ll take a shot: Even if you’re late to the game, the cold open to the new season of “SNL” will somehow cover the FBI’s visit to Mar-a-Lago.

Source: www.cnn.com

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