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North Korea vows to ‘never give up’ nuclear weapons

Kim Jong-un welcomed the passage of the law, vowing that the country would “never give up” its nuclear arsenal and saying there could be no negotiations on denuclearization, North Korean state media reported on Friday.

The new law also provides for North Korea’s right to launch a first nuclear strike to defend itself, to retain its weapons until other states denuclearize, and not to use them first against non-nuclear-weapon states. is updating its attitude.

Kim Jong-un said nuclear weapons symbolize “the dignity, body and absolute power of the state” and welcomed the state’s decision. rubber stamp parliament — Supreme People’s Assembly — To unanimously pass new laws.

“The adoption of laws and regulations related to the national nuclear force policy is our declaration that we have legally acquired war deterrence as a means of national defense, and is a notable event,” Kim said.

“As long as nuclear weapons remain on the planet and as long as imperialism and anti-North Korea operations by the United States and its followers continue, the road to building up nuclear arsenals will never end.”

The new law also prohibits sharing nuclear technology with other countries.

It came amid growing regional tensions over North Korea’s expanding nuclear arsenal and missile programs.

In recent months, Kim has stepped up his provocative threats of nuclear conflict against the United States and its Asian allies.

At the same time, the United States is increasingly concerned that North Korea may be preparing to conduct its first underground nuclear test in years.

Yang Moo-jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul, said the law showed North Korea’s desire to strengthen ties with China and Russia amid rising global tensions.

“Nuclear weapons are said to be a last resort for defense, but it is important that North Korea mentions the possibility of using them in the event of an imminent attack on its state and leadership,” Yang said. Stated.


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