Jeff Germann: Murdered Las Vegas reporter confronted gangs and corruption in an inked life

He covered rioters, murderers, corrupt officials, and corrupt government agencies. And in recent months, he’s written articles about bullying and hostility in obscure offices run by elected county officials.

An elected county official he wrote — Clark County administrator Robert Telles — is now indicted for murder, said Clark County sheriff Joseph Lombardo. Lombardo) announced Thursday.

“This is a horrifying and deafening murder that has had a profound effect on Las Vegas. All murders are tragic, but the murder of a journalist is particularly troubling,” Lombardo said.

Those who knew and worked with German described him as the ideal example of an investigative reporter.

“Jeff is the ultimate Vegas reporter. He’s been here for 30 years, covering everything from riots to the MGM Grand fires to the October 1st shooting (music festival 2017). I have been,” he said. Review-Journal reporter Arthur Kane. “He’s basically a 100% aggressive reporter, and this was the kind of job he’d been trying to do for as long as he could.”

A Las Vegas official has been arrested in connection with the murder of an investigative journalist, his newspaper says
“The Review-Journal family is devastated by the loss of Jeff.” Review-Journal Executive Editor Glenn Cook said:“He was a gold standard in the news industry. It’s hard to imagine what Las Vegas would be like today without him for years of shining a bright light in a dark place.”
In recent months, Jarman has been writing about allegations of wrongdoing at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. Telles reportedly created a hostile work environment Maintained inappropriate relationships with staff.
In response to the article, Telles published his article Campaign site When wrote a letter to a German He called the allegations “false” and claimed that the Germans were “trying to drag me through the mud.”

Investigators knew Telles was offended by German for his report and put him on a list of people of interest, said Capt. Drikollen of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. We quickly hooked up German to the suspect’s car, found blood on his shoes and his DNA at the crime scene. All the evidence led to his arrest, Coren said.

The German was stabbed seven times, Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney Richard Scow said in court Thursday in Telles. DNA evidence was found under the journalist’s fingernails, he said. .

“The defendant’s DNA is said to have been recovered from the victim’s hands, presumably when he was fighting for his life,” Graham said, adding that the German had “a defensive stance on his hands and arms.” He pointed out that there were several wounds.

Telles was denied bail and is scheduled to appear in court on September 13.

Despite years of reporting on gangsters, murderers and underworld figures, the person charged with his murder was a local elected official, said CNN’s top law enforcement and intelligence analyst John. Miller pointed out.

“But when I look at Jeff German, mobs, criminal gangs, murderers, desert stories about buried gold, I struggled for a long time when asked who was behind Jeff German’s murder. I wouldn’t have been on the list before I got to the Civil Servant doing the tedious job of handling people’s will and property in an office where people called him a bully.

Over 30 Years of Reporting at Sin City

A longtime figure in the Vegas reporting scene, Jarman worked for the Las Vegas Sun for over 20 years before joining Review-Journal in 2010. Profile of Review-Journal.
His work often exposed allegations of government misconduct and corruption. For example, he and other reporters Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the government agency that came up with the slogan “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.” A series of investigations led to an official audit and indictments against several agency executives.
He also reported on the devastating shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. according to his reportgunmen opened fire on two huge jet fuel tanks at an airport near the festival, striking one of them before turning on a crowd of concert-goers. , the report led to a fuel system safety review, reported the Review-Journal.

Another focus of his work was the close relationship between the Vegas mob and casinos over the decades, including the murder of Vegas casino magnate Ted Binion in 1998.

These are some of the stories Jeff Germann wrote about Robert Telles
In 2001, a German wrote a book.”Murder in Sin City: Death of Las Vegas Casino Boss”, billed as “an astonishing account of the decline and depravity of man, a neon-tinged view of toxic rot festering under the glow of Las Vegas.”

CNN analyst Miller said he worked with the Germans on the Binion story and praised his work.

“He was part of a small club of American reporters, an investigative reporter covering casinos, corruption and everything in the underbelly of places like Las Vegas. He did it fearlessly. Accurate.” to,” said Miller.

In a statement Thursday, the bereaved family thanked “everyone who has poured out their love, support and recognition for Jeff and his lifelong work,” The Review Journal reported.

“Jeff was a loving and loyal brother, uncle and friend who has dedicated his life to the work of exposing wrongdoing in Las Vegas and beyond. We are shocked and saddened by his death. Jeff is dedicated to seeking justice for others and appreciates the hard work by local police and journalists to track down the killer.I hope justice is done in this case. looking forward to it.

In recent years, German has also made inroads into podcasting. He was the writer and host of Season 2 of ”.Mob Up: Battle of Vegasis an eight-part real-life crime series by Review-Journal and Mob Museum about the Aladdin Hotel’s role in fighting organized crime in the 1970s and ’80s.
“There’s no doubt Jeff was a tough reporter, but he was always fair.” Gov. Steve Sisolak said on Twitter:“And I will always have a great deal of respect for him and his work.”

Journalist organization leaders said the killings highlighted the dangers facing reporters.

“When we say journalism is a risky business, we are usually talking about international crises and foreign correspondents, but here in the big cities of the United States, dark forces are sinking in to stop its publication. We’re seeing the depth of potential, it’s true,” said Jen Judson, president of the National Press Club and Gil Klein, president of the National Press Club Journalism Institute.

CNN’s Chuck Johnston and Carol Alvarado contributed to this report.


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