Archie and Lilibet become Prince and Princess

This change is the result of a convention created over a century ago. Under a rule enacted by King George V in 1917, the monarch’s grandchildren automatically receive royal titles.

as the grandson of Charles IIIArchie and Lilibet now have the right to be princes and princesses, but did not immediately qualify as great-grandchildren of the Queen.
Last year, Meghan terrible suggestion This title may be denied to Archie because of his mixed ancestry. “Concerns and conversations about how dark his skin is,” he said.

“It was passed to me by Harry. Those were conversations his family had with him,” Meghan added, but declined to disclose who was involved in those conversations. It would hurt them a lot,” she said.

The Duchess said these comments were made at the same time that the couple were told Archie had no security or formal titles. She said there were “conversations” while she was pregnant about the competition being changed, which would mean losing her.

She claimed to Winfrey that her concerns about her son’s princely title were related to her desire to give him police protection.

Buckingham Palace told CNN at the time. 2019 Archie is born that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose not to use any titles for their son;

Meghan rejected the offer in an interview with Winfrey, saying, “It’s not our decision.”

There is no indication that the King intends to make any changes to his pledge.

Big changes await the royal family when Charles III takes the throne

Harry and Meghan have announced they will step back from royal duties in 2020 and “work to become financially independent”. Prince Charles’ son Harry is unlikely to enter the royal family unless Prince Charles and Duchess Meghan resume their official duties.

Several members of the royal family, including Harry, visited Balmoral Castle on Thursday after Buckingham Palace announced “concerns” over the Queen’s condition, but Meghan did not accompany her husband.

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