5 things to know on September 9: Queen, weather, immigration, Mar-a-Lago, Ukraine

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1. Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning British monarch with a 70-year reign, died Thursday. at age 96announced by Buckingham Palace.Her death marked the end of an era for Britain, and most Britons knew no other monarch in their lifetime. The Queen’s eldest son Charles (now King Charles III) took the throne And today, he is expected to address the nation.In the next hours and days, the Queen’s life and lead the transitionbut her death leaves a void in Britain at a time of sharp changes in political leadership and a looming economic downturn.

2. Extreme weather

Two tropical storms are moving toward the east and west coasts of the United States today, each bringing strong winds that could pose different challenges to millions of people.In California, residents are equipped tropical storm cay, a year’s worth of rain could fall in the next few hours. This caused flooding concerns. part of Southern California, where a brutal heat wave fueling raging wildfires threatens to be amplified by already devastating winds. Kay is weakening, but the storm isn’t expected to move away from the West Coast until Saturday night. Dangerous rip currents are expected at the beaches this weekend on the East Coast. Hurricane Earl Stir in the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda. According to the National Hurricane Center’s forecast, the Earl is already driving sustained winds of nearly 90 miles per hour, adding to the gusts.


The mayor of Washington, DC, declared a public health emergency on Thursday. thousands of immigrants Arrive in the US capital by bus from Texas and Arizona. Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott began bussing immigrants to Washington in April to protest the Biden administration’s immigration policies.Abbott and another Republican, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, have so far Hundreds of buses to DC, neither has expressed an intention to stop. Texas sent over 7,900 of her immigrants to DC and over 2,200 to New York City. Arizona only buses her DC, but so far she has sent 1,677 immigrants.

4. Mar-a-Lago

The DOJ has appealed the court-ordered special master review of materials seized by the FBI during its Mar-a-Lago search. DOJ alleges that special master (or third-party attorney) orders endanger US national security. Suspension of Access to Confidential Documents Seized during search of former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence. They also claim the order prevent them from conducting “Effective national security risk assessment,” DOJ wrote in its appeal. Now, a judge has ordered Trump’s lawyers to consult with the Justice Department, prepare a joint application Explain their views on who should be a Special Master. This court submission is due later tonight.

5. Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claims his country’s forces have recaptured key cities from Russia and liberated at least 20 settlements in an ongoing counteroffensive. Russian troops in the Kharkov region suffered significant losses, some soldiers run away and throw away one’s uniform, hoping to blend in while wearing civilian clothes. Separately, Secretary of State Anthony Brinken said: Unannounced travel to Ukraine Thursday. He said efforts to regain control of Russia-held areas of the country had “proven to be effective” and that the United States had added additional measures to bolster security in Ukraine and other countries in the region. announced its intention to provide a $2.2 billion investment in

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Quiz time

Which of the following U.S. airports had the most delays and cancellations this summer?

A. Dallas Love Field Airport

B. Chicago Midway International Airport

C. Denver International Airport

D. Charlotte Douglas International Airport

in mourning

Former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw Shaw’s family said in a statement Thursday that he died Wednesday of pneumonia unrelated to Covid-19. he was 82Shaw was CNN’s first Chief Anchor and was with the network when it launched on June 1, 1980. He retired from CNN on February 28, 2001 after he has been over 20 years. Including the student riots in Tiananmen Square in May 1989, the first Gulf War out of Baghdad in 1991, and his 2000 presidential election.

today’s number


That was the starting price for Chevrolet’s Equinox EV, Cheapest electric car on the market.The Equinox EV is expected to arrive in the next few months, General Motors said Thursday.

quote of the day

“As long as nuclear weapons remain on the planet and as long as imperialism and anti-North Korea operations by the United States and its followers continue, the road to building up nuclear arsenals will never end.”

— North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, for passing a new law declaring his country a nuclear-weapon state. Kim Jong Un vows North Korea will ‘never give up’ on nuclear weapons No denuclearization negotiations He welcomed the legislation, state media reported today. This is because in recent months Kim has made increasingly provocative threats of nuclear conflict against the United States and its Asian allies.

today’s weather

And finally

tall hedge

Take a look at these giant hedges in England. Some have been around for hundreds of years and take weeks to trim. (Click here to view)

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