Why John Fetterman made such a smart move in the debate

That’s why what the Democrats did Wednesday night was very smart.

“We are definitely going to discuss Dr. Oz. It really was always meant to be.” Fetterman told Politico. “It used to be only for lingering problems with stroke and auditory processing, but now we can solve it.”
Details have yet to be finalized, but Fetterman said: focus on discussion “Mid-to-late October,” Republican Senator Pat Toomey, in a race for the seat currently held by his Republican opponent Oz.

This is why Fetterman’s decision to discuss does not delay the announcement of the decision.

1) It didn’t solve the problem. Fetterman is about three months –From mid-May, when you suffered a stroke, to August, when you started campaigning again in public. That’s a big deal for anyone who wants to be a senator, and naturally raises questions about whether he’s a good fit for the job he’s running for. But there are certainly doubts about Fetterman’s post-stroke health. not. So it’s best to face these questions head-on – and at a time and place of his choosing.
2) he was defensiveFetterman has done a very good job of keeping Oz balanced, even though he hasn’t been in the campaign for several months. We use social media (mainly) to facilitate daily conversations during the race. Whether or not you have Snooki (of “Jersey Shore” fame/notoriety) troll oz About his place of residence, or about making hay out of Oz’s wrath at Oz’s expense. “Crudité” platterFetterman has proven that you don’t have to physically exercise to launch an attack in a race. Oz, who had struggled to find a true salient point to dabble with Fetterman, finally found one. Best to nip it in the bud before Oz gets any more momentum.

3) he can now portray himself as a sympathetic figureFetterman would do well to portray his ongoing struggle to recover from a stroke in the broader context of people in Pennsylvania suffering from health problems. By casting yourself as a regular Pennsylvanian doing his best to get through the day even in the face of a can produce. He knew that everyone watching the final debate continued to have some ongoing issues related to his stroke and that his performance was likely less than perfect. And he’s getting better by the day, but sometimes he’s struggling. I like to vote for – good and bad.

To be clear: this one decision won’t win Fetterman’s race. But that requires a major issue on Oz’s table, and given that Fetterman did a respectable job in the debate, Oz’s question about his health becomes difficult to stick to.

Source: www.cnn.com

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