Russians will be able to buy iPhone 14

Russians have a chance to buy new things Apple iPhone 14despite being a US technology company leaving the countrythanks to Moscow’s parallel import scheme, a senior government official told the RIA Novosti news agency on Thursday.

Russia announced the scheme in March, allowing retailers to import products from abroad without the permission of the trademark owner.

I was asked if it was the new iPhone announced by Apple

Trade and Industry Minister Denis Manturov said on Wednesday that it would be imported under the scheme. If consumers want to buy these phones, yes. There will be a chance

Apple stopped selling new products in Russia in March, a week after Russia invaded Ukraine. import scheme.

On Thursday morning, Russian mobile network MTS had already put the new iPhone 14 model on pre-order. Prices start at 84,990 rubles ($1,398) for the 128 GB version.

MTS said delivery could take up to 120 days and that it reserves the right to cancel orders if there are problems importing products.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Manturov, who is also deputy prime minister, said last month that the scheme, which targets Western products ranging from luxury clothing to cars, could be worth $16 billion this year, roughly equivalent to Russia’s imports in 2021. He said it was equivalent to 4%.


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