Opinion: Trump’s Reckless Treatment of Nuclear Documents

Since the news broke last month, FBI agents have Found 11 sets of classified materials During the search for Trump’s Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, much attention was focused on the legal issues he faces.
However, the latest reports from Washington PostTrump’s possession of super-classified information about other countries’ nuclear capabilities suggests that Trump’s mishandling of classified documents has the potential to affect not only the United States but other nations, and perhaps the rest of the world. It highlights just how much risk it can create.

Nuclear programs are the most sensitive of all weapons systems. Whether the information concerns America’s friends or foes, Trump’s disregard for the security of nuclear secrets represents the most reckless disregard for U.S. and global security.

I don’t know if anyone else has seen the documents the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago, but keeping the nuclear secrets at his Florida resort makes it easier for others to access the information. He risked undermining U.S. security because he could About the most powerful weapons system the world has ever known.

It is also unclear which country’s nuclear program the document refers to. If the information concerns U.S. allies, it could also jeopardize their security. Also, if you are referring to enemies of the United States, you will see the US card, giving useful information to enemies of the United States.

As court filings made clear, Trump resisted demands for months, then demanded that documents be forwarded that should have been sent to the National Archives, as required by law.most dramatic moment I came on August 8th., when an FBI agent emerged from Mar-a-Lago with a box of files. In documents allegedly discovered by the FBI, post reportwas “a document describing the military defenses of a foreign government, including its nuclear capabilities.”
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Additionally, according to The Washington Post, the FBI has recovered documents describing “top secret U.S. operations,” so the label “top secret” describes the degree of care typically used to protect them. I haven’t started. SCIF, a sensitive compartmentalized information facility specifically designed to protect information. and the most sensitive Special Access Program Only the President of the United States and a few top military and intelligence agencies can see it.Trump is ridiculous claims There is no evidence that he did so, but he had a standing order to declassify anything in his possession.
We already knew Trump defended 300+ documents Not only does he own it, but it has classified markings for resorts frequented by many visitors and members. foreign intruder Arrested, Others Arrested tried to infiltrateIt is reasonable to assume that any reasonably competent foreign intelligence agency could have attempted to gain access to Mar-a-Lago.
If the Post’s report, citing unnamed people familiar with the Mar-a-Lago search, proves accurate, the nuclear aspect raises the risk immeasurably.when reported by the post A month ago, when the FBI said it was looking for information on nuclear weapons, Trump mocked the claim, con man” And it suggests that the FBI may have planted evidence to make him look guilty.
Trump returned 15 boxes of papers in Januaryafter that 38 more in June with a subpoena. However, it was the latest cache in August that the FBI discovered the material. storage closetTrump’s residence and his office At Mar-a-Lago, the most classified documents we have heard come to light, dealing with nuclear weapons.

Sounds like the former intelligence and defense official is in serious trouble. Mike Esper, Trump’s former secretary of defense, said his main concern is that the wrong people will discover how the United States gets information. I don’t want my enemies to know how I know,” he told CNN this week. Information in these documents could lead US enemies to US sources.

I don’t know which country’s nuclear capabilities this document refers to.that’s all 9 countries are known Possession of nuclear weapons. Some countries such as France, UK, Israel and India are US allies. Other countries such as China, Pakistan, Russia, and North Korea have relationships that range from hostile to cold. Other countries like Iran have nuclear programs but no known nuclear weapons.
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Among our friends in Israel and elsewhere in the United States, the story is headline— As a matter of course, Iranian leader openly says They want Israel off the map. Knowledge of a country’s defense capabilities like Israel makes it more vulnerable to attack. Knowing more about how Israel can defend itself, Iran can better strategize to evade Israeli defenses.

At this point, we don’t know what happened to the documents since Trump took them out of the White House over 18 months ago. In fact, we don’t know why Trump kept them and why he resisted giving them back.

Like Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, this is clearly not a “storage” issue. characterized it negatively.
Trump’s attorney, Christopher Kise, complained It claims that the leaked information “undermines public confidence in the integrity of the system.” But what matters most is the integrity of Trump and his defenders.
“The court has shown us a sensible course,” Kise added.In fact, Judge Eileen cannon control She compounded the danger by supporting Trump’s request to appoint a special master to investigate the 13,000 records seized from Mar-a-Lago this week.
one of the many who have been poignant In the ruling, William Barr, former attorney general under Trump, told Fox News that Cannon’s decision was “serious flawThe government should appeal, he added. But time is of the essence, and the ruling could already exacerbate what appears to have been written for a Hollywood drama.

Cannon ordered the FBI to stop using the documents in its investigation and wait for a special master to review them. I don’t know who they’ll pick, but they certainly won’t be the ones tasked with figuring out where the documents are and who’s seen them in the past year and a half. That’s the FBI’s job.

Director of National Intelligence is about to Assess how much damage This has been done, but I’m not sure if DNI is trying to find out who else might have inadvertently touched them, and I don’t have the paperwork in hand.

Who saw the documents? Why was Trump keeping them? These are the two biggest questions looming over the case from a purely non-political perspective. What happens to Trump is also important, but what damage he has done to US and global security is a matter of urgency, and the potential consequences are almost incalculable.

Source: www.cnn.com

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