Oathkeepers leader’s last-minute effort to delay trial and fire attorney rejected by federal judge

According to Rhodes, who is pleading not guilty, he and his attorneys, Philip Linder and James Lee Bright, had an “almost complete communication breakdown” and haven’t spoken for nearly a month. , alleging that his attorney failed to meet the filing deadline and did not ask prosecutors for the evidence Rose wanted to use in his defense.

At Wednesday’s controversial hearing, DC District Court Judge Amit Mehta dismissed Rhodes’ claims, saying they were inconsistent with what he had witnessed so far.

Rinder and Bright, who were present at the hearing, have so far fiercely defended Rhodes’ representatives, with Bright saying the allegations were “false at best”, but the two said they would “do whatever it takes” to rectify their relationship. I will do my best,” he promised.

“Mr. Bright and Mr. Linder will represent Mr. Rhodes at that trial,” Mehta said of Mr. Rhodes’ attorney. If you want a lawyer, we can make room for you.It’s a big group.”

Mehta added that there was “no humanly possible way” for the new attorney, Edward Tarpley, to prepare for the trial in the proposed 90-day postponement, and even if he postponed Rhodes’ trial, it would not be possible for the next A possible trial date is summer 2023.

Mehta denounced Tarpley’s efforts to allege wrongdoing by Rhodes’ current lawyer and said he defended Rhodes “vigorously”.

“The idea that you spent all 42 or 72 hours with Mr. Rhodes to characterize these proceedings is a bit problematic,” Mehta said. “A little humility may not be a bad thing.”

Department of Justice Rhodes and Several Others Indicted January accused it of an inflammatory conspiracy to recruit members, stockpile weapons, and organize to disrupt parliamentary approval for the 2020 election.

Prosecutors said that after the Capitol riots, some Oathkeepers continued to plan to “force their opposition to the legal transfer of presidential power.”

Current JulyDOJ has secured at least seven cooperation agreements from members of the Oath Keepers, three of whom pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy.

Rhodes and eight co-defendants have repeatedly attempted to delay the trial, which is scheduled to begin on September 27.

“We’re here with good faith,” Tarpley told CNN after the hearing, adding that he felt Mehta had made his decision before the hearing began.

Source: www.cnn.com

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