North Korea wants to build a ‘socialist fairyland’ with new laws

North Korean A rubber stamp parliament convened this week to pass legislation aimed at turning the country into a “beautiful and civilized socialist fairyland,” state media reported Thursday.

North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly held its first session on Wednesday and adopted a law on landscaping and rural development, state news agency KCNA reported.

The two laws “promote the ruling party’s efforts on radical transformation of rural society and landscape policy in order to achieve rapid development of Korean-style socialist farming villages and prepare the country into a beautiful and civilized socialist country. Wonderland,” KCNA said, citing the undersecretary’s speech at the rally.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who didn’t attend the meeting, said the people’s health was at risk amid an economic crisis sparked by the voluntary Covid-19 lockdown, international sanctions on the country’s nuclear weapons program, and natural disasters. He vowed to improve livelihoods and boost rural development.

Analysts say many of Kim Jong-un’s economic promises have yet to materialize, with aid organizations warning of rampant food shortages and other hardships.

Kim’s vow to rebuild North Korea’s typhoon-ravaged region and turn it into a “model” mining community has made little progress, according to a report last month by 38 North, a US-based site that monitors North Korea. I haven’t

The United States accuses Kim of pouring resources into military projects at the expense of the people. Russia approached North Korea this week about buying ammunition, saying it could bring windfall to the cash-strapped Pyongyang government. Russia said the US report was “fake”.


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