Michelle Obama’s portrait unveiling speech: latest American woman speaks truth to power

without mentioning the name Former President Donald Trump The 2020 president, who continues to claim to have won the election, has spoken forcefully about Trump’s threat to democracy.

On stage Wednesday, Obama stressed that threat persists as he upends the traditional script and leaves the light ceremonial duties of the unveiling of the portrait to his husband.

Her speech became tougher when she emphasized the importance of a peaceful transfer of power and her promise that every vote counts in America.of January 6, 2021 riot Left his advisers with a conspiracy on the U.S. Capitol intended to overturn the 2020 election.
This is just the latest example of women speaking out about the importance of fixing the country’s broken politics and warning of the dangers that Trump’s election lies continue to pose. Obama’s speeches ranged from two former Georgia election officials and a Capitol Hill police officer to former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson and Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney. followed. most outspoken numbers It drew attention to Trump’s post-election actions and the chaos it caused by attending the Jan. 6 public hearings.

Many men who have served in the Trump administration, and male politicians who want to keep his gracefulness, have chosen to remain silent about Trump’s despotic behavior after the 2020 election, but they are concerned about their own safety and reputation. Through testimony before the House Select Committee investigating the riots, I learned the most about what happened in the White House at a time when democracy was at stake. Provide a clear explanation.

Normal timeWednesday’s portrait ceremony was supposed to have taken place during Trump’s tenure, but such gracious touches have been swept away by the tribalism and violence of the Trump era. It has been a touchpoint between successive administrations that symbolizes a spirit of national unity and continuity that is supposed to transcend American partisan politics. Since he did not attend the inauguration ceremony, the rift between the two parties has only deepened.

Addressing lost opportunities Wednesday, Obama emphasized “why moments like this matter” and why “traditions like this matter.”

“You see the people, they make their voices heard with their votes,” the former First Lady said. Those of us lucky enough to serve will, as Barack said, work as hard as we can for as long as people choose to keep us here. Moving on, all that’s left in this sacred place are our efforts and these portraits.”

Moving on is what Trump has refused. He has used the midterm elections to reiterate his grievances about the 2020 election and continues to reinforce the myth that the last election was rigged despite the lack of evidence to support his claims.

America is now gearing up for another series of contests in November in which Trump has handpicked a number of election deniers to run for office. Some of them are already promoting false narratives about election safety as voters try to navigate a string of new laws across the country. It makes it harder for them to vote.

People like Obama and Cheney who lost their seats in the House because they refused to stop speaking out against Trump, and the female witnesses who appeared before the House selection committee, are what America wants to see. We are testing the assumption that there are still voters who are Join a more low-key politics where democratic traditions and electoral results are respected and an orderly transfer of power is the norm.

They want politics to become a forum, as the former First Lady said Wednesday, proving that democracy is “much stronger than our differences”. It remains an open question now that we are so divided.

Source: www.cnn.com

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