Linn-Mar’s teacher invites students to show off their art and attend a wedding

Marion, Iowa (KCRG) – Marion Elementary School teachers showcased the work of second graders as the centerpiece of their wedding.

Brandi Rickard (Hamdorf) says some of her students wanted to join her big day, so she found a way to get them involved.of Wilkins Elementary School Teachers had students create art before summer vacation to display at the wedding table in August.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” said one of the students, Dale Wrage.

Some students painted their teachers in large white gowns.

“Every student had to draw me and my current husband and what they thought we would look like at the wedding.

Others wrote letters following prompts such as:

“When they talk to you a lot, say nice things, or go somewhere with you,” writes Stella Fratzke.

“One of my favorite things was why people get married. It’s because women want expensive things,” Ricardo said.

Art was a hit at weddings when guests were talking about what was on the table.

“It was great to see so many people,” says Fratzke.

For Mrs. Ricardo, it was a special part of her most special day.

“I’m happy to have my students involved. Hopefully they see this and know it was really special to be a part of my day.” said Rickard.


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